Organic Farming Coordinator Job


The Organic Farming Coordinator for Agriculture and Natural Resources will be responsible for coordinating the management of field crop, hay, and pasture land on the Berea College Farm that is under USDA organic certification. This includes planning and adapting crop rotations; carrying out planting, cultivation, and harvesting operations; and recording all management activities and input information for certification requirements, NRCS programs, and other USDA reporting obligations. This person will work in a team consisting of faculty, staff and students and will be responsible for educating, training, and supervising students to safely and efficiently conduct the work necessary for farm students and staff to produce products for which there is strong market demand and which utilize available College Farm products. The current emphasis will be on the development of organic grains for human consumption to be sold retail through the Farm Store as well as to wholesale customers, including the campus dining hall. This person will also work closely with the educational farm manager and livestock assistant manager to balance new product development with current and future livestock feed needs.

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Plan and carry out field crop and forage production on the College Farm with student management team Coordinate and educate students as necessary to ensure worker safety and sustainable crop production Plan and ensure compliance with requirements of USDA organic certification on certified cropland Ensure compliance with NRCS programs and other USDA reporting obligations Provide oversight to ensure proper maintenance and operation of equipment, tools, and farm facilities Collaborate in a team with faculty and staff to ensure integration between crop and livestock enterprises Contribute to the operation and improvement of the student educational farm as a learning laboratory through regular communication and collaboration with the other faculty and staff Coordinate with faculty the use of the farm for academic course and laboratory activities Fill in as necessary on occasion with other farm-related tasks, which may include livestock and horticulture QUALIFICATIONS Bachelor's Degree in a related discipline is required Minimum of three years of practical experience in commercial-scale organic row crop or horticultural crop production Some experience with fencing and livestock production Knowledge and practical experience in commercial-scale organic crop production Ability to work in a team and organize, coordinate and motivate student workers Excellent communication and organizational skills Applied problem solving and critical thinking abilities, equipment maintenance and repair A valid driver's license Work outside in hot and cold weather; some rigorous activity; extensive walking; adverse environment conditions Ability to operate the following: Tractors, planting, harvesting, mowing, and other equipment typically used on crop and livestock farms Equipment maintenance and repair

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