Beginning Farmer Service Provider Training

The Cornell Small Farms Program and the NE Beginning Farmers Project are hosting a 3-day training for Beginning Farmer service providers this fall.  Don’t miss your chance to attend! This year's conference, Re-strategizing with advanced BF’s: Supporting scale-up and farm investment decision-making, will be at the Century House in Albany, NY from October 27-29th, 2014. This train-the-trainer conference will help you deepen your skills in supporting advanced beginning farmers and connect you with a BF service provider network that reaches across the Northeast. We will offer intensive workshops on Credit Readiness, Farm Financial Analysis, Labor and Equipment Decision-Making, Marketing through Wholesale Channels,and Whole Farm Planning. All trainers will also participate in Reaching Out to Underserved BF Audiences, a cultural competency training that will discuss strategies for extending the reach of BF services and programs. A summary of workshop topics and speakers can be viewed HERE. Through the support of a NE SARE PDP grant, workshops, hotel accommodations, and meals will be provided based on an application process. WHAT WE WILL PROVIDE: If your registration is accepted and confirmed, the Cornell Small Farms Program will:
  1. Cover all meal and hotel costs during the 3-day training.
  2. Provide a top-notch learning experience and connection to a resource network to help you take your BF training to a new level and an expanded audience.
WHAT YOU COMMIT TO DO: As a participant in this training, you agree to:
  1. Cover your travel costs to and from the training, as well as a nominal $50 registration fee to secure your spot.
  2. Attend and participate actively for the FULL 3 DAYS of the training, including sharing teaching methods you have developed for working with BF’s.
  3. Participate in at least one follow-up webinar through summer 2015.
  4. Assist us in documenting outcomes by using new assessment tools with your clients, responding to follow-up surveys and reporting all training outcomes through August 2016.
TO REGISTER: We have space for 60 participants. Registration is open until filled or Wed. Oct 1st, whichever comes first. Complete the following steps:
  1. Complete pre-registration HERE
  2. Once we receive your pre-registration form, we will send you a Letter of Commitment for your supervisor to sign, and instructions for paying $50 to secure your spot.
  3. Your reservation is not complete until you have received a confirmation email from us.
Any questions should be directed to Ryan Maher, Cornell Small Farms Program, at

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