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Farming in BaliTHE KUL KUL FARM at Green School Bali INTERNSHIP PROGRAM 2015

A social enterprise located a walk and a skip away from the Green School in Bali. The Kul Kul Farm aims to be a go-to regenerative agriculture learning center, and to be an established online hub for people to learn how to create healthy, integrated and awesome living systems; growing real food and caring for animals in the tropics. The goal is that we become an education center for learning about sustainable living, farming and leadership here in Bali. Our Core Values: Agriculture as the foundation of civilization; Living in Community; Unity in diversity; Acting in Integrity
Providing meaningful services; Improving the life of all stakeholders Services and Offerings •     A thriving market garden •     Adult courses focused on regenerative agriculture (find out about our summer courses here or by going to, •     Regular workshops •     An online and on-farm store to purchase farm related items tools, trees, seedlings, and other resources. •     Garden implementation services

Interning at The Kul Kul Farm
At The Kul Kul Farm we want to create a culture that involves committed, passionate and soulful people. We want to foster this culture by welcoming smart, creative university students and recent graduates who through collaboration and hard work are able to deliver results that contribute to our vision as well as their own learning and growth. With that in mind, some of the qualities that we look for in prospective interns include: •     Flexibility •     Ability to adapt to new situations •     Independence •     Experience in multi-cultural settings Interns are hands- in- the – earth, driven and integral members of the farm. The ability to work in a chaotic, hot, sweaty, rainy, very dynamic, and compost-filled environment yet very rewarding and fun is essential. You'll brainstorm with us, plant vegetables, work on our website/blog, organize great courses, rally supporters through social media, implement new projects and systems, and learn how to live closer to the land. PROGRAM BENEFITS
· Obtain professional experience in your field of interest
· Meet and network with educational and environmental leaders on an ongoing basis
· Complete a project that will be of value to you, the Kul Kul Farm and our local community here in Bali
· Participate in social activities, courses and workshops on the farm ACCOMMODATION We provide accommodation in our bamboo bunkhouse on the farm. It is made entirely of bamboo with a simple tin roof. It has five rooms and can house up to 20 people at one time. It is equipped with a gas stove, sinks, and outdoor composting toilets and showers. HOW IT WORKS 
We look for candidates who are passionate about sustainability, leadership, education, and agriculture. This is a full-time (35 hours a week - with lots of fun in the midst) program that is paid in experience and features access to great events (sometimes free), courses and meet & greets with some top people in this industry. We are looking for interns in these fields: Organic farming and permaculture Sustainable architecture Online and On-Farm store management Web design, development, SEO
Marketing & sales Web Admin and booking Creative/ Design,
Photography, Videography Social Media, Copywriting and Blogging KEY DATES
 March- September 2015 (minimum internship 1 month) LOCATION 
Green School Jalan Raya Sibang Kaja, Banjar Saren, Abiansemal 80352, Indonesia SOME RESOURCES TO US AND OUR WORLD: Green School Green Village Ibuku John Hardy TED Talk Elora Hardy Ink Talk Kul Kul Farm in Green School The Kul Kul Farm Eventbrite To apply, please send your resume and cover letter to  For more information, please see the attached PDF and our website.  We look forward to hearing from you!
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