New Mother Earth News Podcast Series

NEW PODCAST, “THE TYPESET,” TO PRODUCE 10 HOURS OF CONTENT WITH MOTHER EARTH NEWS Audio documentary series looks at range of self-sufficiency and sustainability topics

NEW YORK (Nov. 19, 2014) -- The Mother Earth News Mini-Series of The Typeset, (, will look at a handful of topics near and dear to the rural, self-sufficient, green community that have defined the classic magazine for nearly half a century. Episodes include natural health, the history of homesteading and contemporary practices, chickens, alternative/green housing in the 1970s and today, sustainable gardening and food production techniques, and the history of Mother Earth News. Podcasts in the Mother Earth News Mini-Series will be available on Tuesdays starting Nov. 25, 2014. All episodes will be available on iTunes, SoundCloud, and on and “We could not be happier in partnering with Ogden Publications on this mini-series. Their leadership and commitment to excellence regularly leaps off of the page and affects people’s lives,” says podcast host Olen Wallace. “In developing and supporting healthy, proactive community through Grit, Utne Reader and Mother Earth News, Ogden shows all of us how tradition and contemporary innovation can work side by side, each deepening the other.” Fans of the podcast can contact Miranda Greene via email at to provide feedback and ideas for the podcast.

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