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  • Teresa Hardy Says:

    FYI – The SEEDS website seems to be all messed up. It’s pointing to local files on someone’s development machine, the files it’s trying to serve seem to only be partially there, and as a result the web pages are not serving correctly.

  • Teresa Hardy Says:

    Okay, looks like the domain has been changed? The domain http://www.social-ecology.org works, but not socialecologyvashon.org. So it’s not just this site – all the links on the new social ecology website that point to the old social ecology don’t work either, but those seem to be caused by a server not being configured to serve PHP files properly. What that means, unfortunately, is that I can’t get any information on the permaculture courses. :-(

    Is there any way to notify the webmasters there of the problems?

  • Taylor Says:


    This is an old post (2011). Ive gotten a lot better at dating these things recently, and am sorry, but it doesn’t look to me like they are doing the program anymore. At least not through this organization. And you’re right their website looks dead. I don’t see anything newer than 2011, nor do I see any contact info.

    I did update the post on beginningfarmers.org. If you find out more about what is going on with the organization, the site, or the permaculture classes, please let me know.

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