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This Conference, hosted by The Midwest Organic and Sustainable Education Service (MOSES) is the largest and best organic farming conference in the country. Great workshops, keynotes, an ‘Organic University’ for in depth growing workshops, trade show, films,  social events, and much, much more…

THIS YEAR’S KEYNOTES: FISHER-MERRITT Farm Family; Thursday, February 25th Topic to be announced. CHUCK HASSEBROOK "A Wave of Change: Challenges and Hope for Transforming the American Food and Farming System"; Friday, February 26th As Executive Director for the Center for Rural Affairs, a nationally recognized research, advocacy, and rural development organization, Chuck Hassebrook has tirelessly championed family farming and ranching, small business, and entrepreneurial rural development. Through over thirty years of rural activism, Hassebrook has seen that organic and sustainable agriculture are creating a wave of change in the farm and food systems that offer rural people and communities the opportunity to retake control of their destinies. Formidable challenges stand in the way, but history and people's freedom to make their own choices provide hope for a brighter future in rural America. DR. MARGARET MELLON "Two Views of Food Safety: Organic Agriculture and Biotechnology"; Saturday, February 27th Dr. Margaret Mellon directs the Food and Environment Program at the Union of Concerned Scientists. The program promotes a transition to sustainable agriculture and focuses on critically evaluating the use of biotechnology in plant and animal agriculture as well as assessing animal agriculture's contribution to the rise of antibiotic-resistant disease. Trained as both a scientist and a lawyer, Mellon considers food safety through two lenses: organic agriculture and biotechnology. Exploring how people relate to food safety in these contexts as well as through scientific and legal perspectives, Mellon's work considers how to put the issue of food safety into the context of the ongoing debates about the future of agriculture. REGISTRATION EARLY BIRD SPECIAL - DEADLINE January 15th! A friendly reminder from the MOSES staff to help you and yours save big bucks on the MOSES Organic Farming Conference. If you're planning on attending our 21st Annual Conference February 25-27, 2010 in La Crosse, Wisconsin - register by this Friday and save $20 per person! You won't want to miss this amazing educational event. Learn more at BY Jan. 15th           AFTER Jan. 15th 2 day Conference Registration:                             $175                             $195 1 day Conference Registration:                             $90                               $110 Organic University Registration:                           $150                             $170 Walk-in registrations may be available at the conference. See prices below. (Walk-in registrations are limited - and are not guaranteed) Walk-in 2 day Registration                                        ----                              $215 Walk-in 1 day Registration                                        ----                              $130 (Registration includes breakfast, lunch, and snacks. Dinner sold separately.) REGISTER ONLINE TODAY! Go to or download a registration form and mail it in with payment. (registrations must be postmarked Jan. 15th or before to receive discount) FOR MORE INFORMATION ON THE CONFERENCE GO TO

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