Sustainable Agriculture News for Mid March, 2013

News from the National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition for Mid March, 2013

House and Senate Debate 2013 Farm Funding Levels: Late on Monday, March 11, the Senate released appropriations legislation to keep the government running through the remainder of fiscal year 2013.  Recall that the House passed its own FY 2013 legislation last week.  Read more... -  Budget Blueprints Outline Radically Different Paths for New Farm Bill: This week, both the House Budget Committee and the Senate Budget Committee released their respective budget resolutions for fiscal year (FY) 2014.  A budget resolution is a non-binding document that outlines a framework for budgeting decisions in the next fiscal year.  Normally, the House and the Senate consider budget resolutions after the President has submitted his budget proposal for that fiscal year.  This year, the President has delayed the release of his budget proposal due to issues of budget sequestration.  Read more... -  Comment on FDA Plan for Human Drugs Used in Food Animal Production: For many years, the Keep Antibiotics Working Campaign  – a coalition of health, consumer, agricultural, environmental, humane, and other advocacy groups — has worked to eliminate the inappropriate use of antimicrobials, including antibiotics, in food animals.  This use has been flagged as a major cause of resistance in numerous pathogens to antibiotics that are important in the treatment of disease in humans.  Read more...

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