2013 Farm Bill Updates from the National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition

Farm Bill Updates from the National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition, August 2nd, 2013

Moving toward the Brink as They Head out of Town: Just when you think things cannot get any worse for the farm bill and for agricultural and other domestic appropriations bills, it does in fact get worse.  This week, both the House and the Senate were unable to proceed to a final vote on the annual appropriations bill for the Department of Transportation and the Department of Housing and Urban Development, a bill known in Hill-speak as the THUD bill.   The acronym proved prescient this year, falling with a very resounding thud.  Read more…

Conservation, Rural Development, and Fair Markets & Contracts – Groups Weigh In on Farm Bill: This week NSAC signed onto letters to Congress concerning conservation, rural development, and fair competition provisions of the House and Senate farm bills, ahead of what could still possibly be an August replete with Agriculture Committee staff meetings to begin to work out the details of a final farm bill.  NSAC was one of 20 national conservation organizations delivering a letter to the leaders of the House and Senate Agriculture Committees, urging the two chambers to begin conference negotiations on a farm bill as soon as possible.  Read more…

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