2016 Farm Crew Jobs in Minnesota

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2016 Farm Crew Jobs at Sogn Valley Farm in Minnesota 



Sogn Valley Farm is located in Cannon Falls, MN, 45 minutes south of the Twin Cities and 20 minutes east of Northfield. They will have seven acres plus a high tunnel in vegetable crops this season. They market their produce through two Twin Cities-area famers’ markets, a CSA program, and wholesale to regional restaurants, universities, co-ops, and food processors. While the farm is not yet certified organic, they have filed for their organic certification and expect to be certified by late spring of this year.

In addition to vegetables, they produce native plants in their greenhouse for use in prairie restoration projects and home gardens. They’ll also be planting some out in their own fields this year to create habitat for pollinators and other beneficial insects.

Learn more about the farm at www.sognvalleyfarm.com.



April – October, with some opportunities for work in March and November.

Work schedule: 

Typically, employees will work Monday – Friday, 7:30 – 4:00, although work may start earlier when it’s really hot outside. Expect 40-45 hours/week from May – September, 30-35 hours/week in April and October. (Because weather has such a big influence on farming, there will be exceptions to the above guidelines. For example, if thunderstorms are expected at night, employees may be asked to work into the evening to finish tasks such as planting, weeding, or harvesting.) The opportunity also exists for employees to help staff the farmers’ market booth, which could result in exchanging a weekday for a Saturday or Sunday.

Work Activities and Responsibilities:

Employees will be involved in most aspects of production over the course of the season. Areas of work include the following:

-Greenhouse work (seeding, watering, and monitoring flats for transplant production)

-Transplanting in the field

-In-ground crop management in high tunnel (planting, pruning, trellising)

-Field maintenance, including weeding, thinning, trellising, irrigating, backpack spraying, installing/removing row cover, electric fence upkeep, and end-of-season field cleanup (plastic mulch and trellis removal).

-Harvesting, washing, and packing for CSA, farmers’ markets, and wholesale accounts, and keeping appropriate records while doing so

-Cover crop seeding

-Some tractor work is possible for an employee with interest and aptitude for equipment operation.

Expectations and qualifications

Previous work experience on farms is a big plus, but isn’t necessary so long as the individual is eager to learn. Employees should be physically fit (able to lift 50 lbs, bend over or crouch to weed and harvest), detail-oriented, and self-motivated. Farming is incredibly rewarding, but not always glorious. The crew works in all weather conditions, and although they try to mix up work activities to keep things interesting, some days will be monotonous. The crew is a team, and the ability to work collaboratively with others is essential. Employees are encouraged to be curious about their work and to always ask questions when unsure of expectations. Above all, they strive to create an open, positive, and fun work environment.

Compensation and benefits

-Hourly wage of $9-10/hr, depending on experience.

-Vegetables from the farm, when available (which is most of the time!)

-On-farm housing in a camper or large tent (with basic outdoor kitchen) is possible.

How to apply: 

Please submit a resume, 2-3 work references, and a letter of interest that addresses the following questions:

-Why are you interested in working at Sogn Valley Farm?

-What are your long-term goals in agriculture?

-Why do you think you are a good fit for this position?



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