Urban Farm Manager Job in New Jersey

Urban Farm Manager Job

Urban Farm Manager Job at Kula Urban Farm in Asbury Park, New Jersey

The Kula Urban Farm Project (http://www.interfaithneighbors.org/kula-urban-farm/) is the latest social enterprise conceived by Interfaith Neighbors Inc. (non-profit) with the intention of further bolstering the economic outlook for the neighborhood of Asbury Park. The mission of the farm project is to create a sustainable business model for the urban farm, provide job training and educational opportunities, and engage the Asbury Park Westside neighborhood.

Farm Design:

This design strikes a balance between intensive high value wholesale crop production and lower cost community sustenance produce. A large commercial grade greenhouse, 72 by 24 foot, is automated such that heat, venting and fans control temperature and humidity. Currently, there are 100 vertical hydroponic towers installed and available for commercial production. We expect to grow this capacity over time. The greenhouse production is mainly for restaurant consumption, focusing on micro-greens, herbs and other leafy vegetables (all seasons). Combinations of stacked shelves are used to accommodate micro-green production. There are numerous outside raised beds for three-season production.

Urban Farm Manager Job:

The Urban Farm Manager will carry out all aspects of crop production, from ordering seeds to harvesting/processing crops for market in addition to having responsibility for scheduling of planting, pest management, fertilization and distribution of crops. The Farm Manager will also serve as the Farm’s Sales Manager. This will involve developing and maintaining relationships with local restaurant owners and chefs, coordinating scheduled orders, and ensuring quality of product. The Farm Manager will also train and manage any future employees that may be hired as well as coordinate volunteer activities. Additionally, the Farm Manager will act as representative of the Kula Farm/Interfaith Neighbors with the object of engaging the local community in the farm’s activities and produce.

Essential Functions:

Maintain growing operations year-round, with winter production focused in the greenhouse.

Identify pests/diseases among crops and treat as needed.

Select quality seeds and ensure proper storage/handling.

Devise and carry out crop-planting schedules and rotations, making changes and seeking advice where needed.

Ensure proper storage and maintenance of all tools and equipment on the farm.

Direct other employees and/or volunteers as to proper procedures when harvesting, seeding, transplanting, etc.

Monitor greenhouse conditions at all times and coordinate/lead any emergency weather-related work (e.g. snow removal from greenhouse roof).

Develop site safety procedures and maintain a safe working environment at all times.

Develop (and revise as needed) sales strategies and manage all accounts.

Work closely with IFN staff to integrate farm activities with IFN’s other programs.

Develop and maintain relationships with other non-profits, community and faith leaders, and other food industry professionals as needed.

Create and submit monthly operations reports to IFN management.

Prepare reports for potential and existing funders and be available for meetings and presentations.

Other duties as they may apply.


At least 2 years farming experience, particularly in an urban farm setting or equivalent educational background

A high-energy personality that can accomplish objectives with little supervision.

Demonstrated ability to work independently

Experience in highproduction hydroponic techniques (desired)

Ability to work with a diverse group of individuals.

Excellent organizational skills and adaptability.

A friendly and positive attitude, as well as the ability to engage/excite interest and market the farm.

Creativity and an ability to adapt quickly to unexpected changes.

A balance of self-direction and willingness to ask for assistance/guidance when needed.

Knowledge of Microsoft Word, Excel and Outlook.

Past supervision or coordination of employees and/or volunteers.

 Bachelor’s Degree from an accredited university preferred, with a focus on horticulture, natural resources or plant sciences.

To apply for the Urban Farm Manager Job, please send resume, qualifications and cover letter to:

Lori Backer, Director – Human Resources


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