Vegetable Grower Job – Hudson Valley

Vegetable Grower Job in the Hudson Valley

Vegetable Grower Job: Truckload Farm and Orchard is a small family farm where wholesome, healthy and naturally grown vegetables and fruits are raised. Mostly what is produced is for use at the restaurant of the owner’s son – Kitchen Sink Food & Drink. Both the farm and restaurant are located in Dutchess County, the heart of the scenic and tranquil mid-Hudson Valley. While there is room for expansion, about a half-acre for produce is worked, and there is a small fruit tree orchard and three beehives.

They are going into their fourth season at this level of production and are looking to get the most out of the area farmed. Until now it has largely been a one-person operation with some intermittent help. The owners would like to “step it up a notch” and to that end would like to hire an employee who has experience with vegetable production. They are looking for someone with whom they might collaborate to advance their techniques and processes and to problem solve. The applicant would be working along side the owners.

They do successive plantings and are looking to expand our season extending crops. This year they erected a small greenhouse and additionally have all the necessary tools of the trade to aid in production.

This vegetable grower job would require general farming duties such as seed starting, field preparation and maintenance, planting, crop management and irrigation, harvesting, washing, packaging and delivery. The job would also entail some gardening/landscaping type duties around the property that in total would comprise a 40-hour workweek. Knowledge of these systems as well as the operation and care of a tractor is necessary.

Knowledge of value added products would be a plus. There is also the possibility of kitchen work in the restaurant for the right candidate.

The owners, Lisa and Mike Arnoff, are looking for someone who is hard working, dependable, good-natured and self-motivated with a passion for farming and food. Applicants should be able to comfortably lift 50 pounds, be on their feet and moving all day and work in all weather conditions. 

The job begins the beginning of March and goes through October with some flexibility. To apply, please send a cover letter, resume, and three references to Lisa Arnoff at

Compensation and Benefits: $10/hour; farm share; access to a pool. Your own transportation and housing is necessary.


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