Organic Landscaper Hiring in Kentucky

Organic Landscaper Hiring

Kentucky Organics is a fast-growing company seeking seasonal employees and employees looking for a future with the company.

Kentucky Organics specializes in organic lawns, gardens, and landscapes, with a focus on teaching residents how to create an environment that is healthy, sustainable, and beautiful. Come work with us to learn the latest and greatest organic methods and be a part of a great team. For more information, see us at and/or find us on Facebook, and send resumes to Namaste!

Location: Nicholasville, KY
Duration: April 1st-November 15th
Requirements: punctuality, strong work ethic, idealism
Paid positions

From Kentucky Organics:

Backed by a PhD in Biology and a Bachelors of Science in Entomology, the Kentucky Organics crew has developed the best organic maintenance plan for your lawn, garden, and landscape. Our mission is to use 100% organic methods to maintain high-quality and nutrient-rich soil, bursting with beneficial organisms, and a weed- and pest-free lawn, garden, and landscape. We love “soil”, not “dirt”, and if you aren’t sure of the difference, then let us work with you to turn your “dirt” into “soil”!

Learn more about Kentucky Organics at their website.

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