Do It Yourself Farm Infrastructure, Equipment, and Maintenance

Tractor Maintinance

Do It Yourself Farm Infrastructure, Equipment & Maintenance Workshop in Michigan

Make farm improvements easier and faster – come learn from over 40 years of farming experience!

Do It Yourself CoolerWhen: Saturday April 9th, 8am – 5pm

Cost: $150 for 1 person ($40 for 2nd person from same farm)

Additional Cost for Seedplate: $80 – $120 (see registration form)

Deadline for Ordering Seedplate for Workshop: Wednesday, March 30

Location: Cinzori Farms – 10506 F Dr. South Ceresco, MI 49033 [map]

Presenters: Lee Arboreal, Live Edge Farm and  Anthony Cinzori, Cinzori Farms, and facilitated by Jeremy Moghtader, MSU Student Organic Farm/Organic Farmer Training Program.

“You will knock years off the learning curve with this one good day…”  – Lee Arboreal, Live Edge Farm

Homemade vacuum seederWho should attend?

  • Any farmer looking for help sifting through the best ideas and tricks of the trade for DIY farm projects.
  • Any farmer tired of trying to find answers to your farm questions on the internet (and would rather learn from someone else’s experience).
  • Anyone seeking help with equipment or tractor choices, or challenged by maintaining the equipment you have already.
  • Anyone interested in handy, time-saving projects.
  • Any farmer looking to learn and share ideas with other farmers.

What we Will Cover at the Do It Yourself Farm Infrastructure, Equipment & Maintenance Workshop?

MORNING: Need Help with Equipment and Maintenance?

  • Fix it Yourself?When does it pay to DIY and when should buy a new one or have someone else fix it?? We’ll cover that!
  • How do you choose the best equipment (or avoid the lemons?) – Ever feel overwhelmed selecting the right new or used equipment? Not sure what things to look for as possible failure/trouble points on used items? We’ll cover that too!
  • Maintaining What You Own – And we will all spend some time going over basic maintenance for common farm implements & equipment.  

AFTERNOON: Thinking about DIY?

  • Vacuum Seeder – The first couple hours after noon will focus on building your own vacuum seeder. (PLEASE NOTE THE SEED PLATE IS AN ADDITIONAL $80 – $120 COST) – See Registration for Details or go to  to order your seedplate by March 30.
  • Other hands-on projects and tricks of the trade – After we build the seeder we will explore ideas on cold storage projects, vegetable washers, germination chambers, hoophouse vents/endwalls, quickhoops/caterpillar tunnels and more (based on audience interest and time).

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