Farm Apprentice Opportunity in New York

Stonegate Farm

Farm apprentice opportunity at Stonegate Farm near Beacon NY

Stonegate is an 1850s Carpenter Gothic estate farm in New York’s Hudson River Valley, one hour North of New York City. We run a CSA and market farm that includes vegetables, orchard fruit, cut flowers, eggs and honey. The farm is small, sustainable, bio-intensive and integrated into a non-farm district; a model of local, small-scale community farming that is central to the owner’s philosophy.

We are located in an historic residential neighborhood. The farm is there to provide an alternative food source to the community, to serve as a model of organic and sustainable food production. The farm is on three acres, with one acre in active production. Besides vegetable production, an historic orchard provides heirloom apples, pears, quince, plum, cherry, as well as unusual bramble fruit such as black currant, gooseberry, and aronia. There is an organic cut flower farm, as well as bee hives, and a flock of deep brown and blue-egg laying Ameraucana and Cookoo Maran hens. There is a CSA pick up on Saturdays, and sales at local farm markets.

We are a small farm, but regular work includes seed starting, watering, pruning, fertlizing (horse manure loaded into a pick-up at a nearby horse farm) weeding, tilling, egg gathering, planting, harvesting, mowing, bee hive management, pest management, maintenance of fences and buildings, feeding chickens, etc.

Apprentice is expected to work at least 30+ hours a week if necessary, and less if not.  Weeding and watering are constant/daily chores, other work will be assigned.

This is an opportunity for someone keenly interested local, organic food production and small, sustainable farming. The owner will be present and provide training, mentoring and oversight, but the ideal apprentice will already have had a season or two on another farm, know the demands and protocols of farming, and be hardworking, resourceful and reliable. The apprentice will also be expected to help with repairs and/or construction of farm buildings and structures, and be able to manage the broader maintenance of the farm. If interested, the applicant can also assist on the numerous food/lifestyle photo shoots that take place on the farm.

There is a guest house for two apprentices on the farm, as well as room in the main house.  Access to pool, sauna, outdoor shower. We are five minutes to Metro North trains in Beacon to NYC (1hr 15min to Grand Central).  A driver’s license is a plus. Non smoking.

Applicants with cooking, carpentry, music, comedy skills a plus. Work begins in March and runs through October, with possible year-round opportunities.

On farm interviews for the farm apprentice opportunity in season until December for the following season.  Contact:

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