Farm Apprenticeship in Rhode Island

Farm Apprenticeship in Rhode Island

Farm apprenticeship in Rhode Island: Wild Harmony Farm is a diverse farm in Exeter, RI focused on environmental stewardship.  We use no chemicals, drugs, or GMO ingredients in any aspects of the farm.  We raise beef cattle, pigs, dairy sheep, chickens, and turkeys.  We graze our animals in an intensive rotational system to maximize benefits to the animals’ health and the land.  We grow vegetables on 1/10 of an acre, manage a 2-acre apple orchard, keep honeybees, and tap maple trees for syrup.  We sell meat and eggs through a 25-member CSA and our farm store.  We may also sell at a farmers’ market this summer.  We use a draft horse to help with our timber and firewood harvest.

– Job description

Our apprentices will be helping with all aspects of animal husbandry as well as vegetable and fruit production. This will include daily chores, pasture management and rotation, breeding, animal health care, and slaughter.  We hope to spend one day each week working in the woods, driving our draft-horse “Bud”, felling trees, pulling out logs, milling lumber, or splitting firewood.  As on any farm, significant time will be spent problem solving, repairing, constructing, weeding and cleaning.  We will be canning and freezing fruit and vegetables for winter consumption.  The apprentices will help with CSA share packing and farm store operations, as well as educational tours and programs on the farm.  We will make every effort to educate and include our apprentices in every task and will tailor the educational opportunities to the desires of the apprentices.

– What we are looking for

Our ideal candidate will be an avid learner, a considerate and respectful housemate, self-motivated, able to work independently and contribute thoughtfully in a team. The candidate will be able to work long hours with a good attitude, able to lift 75 lbs, willing to get dirty, and passionate about food. Vegetable production experience, carpentry, construction or mechanical experience desired. We will share some meals as well as cook independently.  A personal vehicle is a must, as there is no immediate access to public transportation nor are we on a good cycling road.  The farm has a Mon.-Fri. work week with rotating weekend duty shared amongst farm staff.  A site visit prior to acceptance is greatly preferred.  Non-smoker is essential.  We are looking for our apprentices to start in early May and work until the end of October. Flexible start and end dates possible.

Application (see below), cover letter and resume needed.

Benefits include:

– Private housing on-site in revamped campers

– Communal cooking and living space shared with other apprentice

– vegetables, meat, eggs, sheep’s milk, and fruit from the farm

– occasional off-site educational opportunities; i.e. workshops, farm visits, etc.

– 30 mins from beaches, Newport, and Providence

– $625/mo (responsible for off farm food, and propane)

If interested in the farm apprenticeship in Rhode Island, send questions or completed application from, resume, and cover letter to:  ASAP

 You can also call us at 401-268-4555.

Application for apprenticeship at Wild Harmony Farm.

Name________________________________ Phone_______________________________

Email ___________________________________________  Age ______

Current place you call “home”:_________________________________


What is the best way to contact you? Phone:__ Email:___

What time is best to contact you? ________________________________

1) How did you hear about us?

2) Why are you interested in working at Wild Harmony Farm?

3) What are you hoping to gain from an apprenticeship with us?

4) Do you have any previous farming/gardening experience?

5) Can you drive a manual transmission?

6) Do you have any experience with power tools?  Chainsaws?

7) Do you have any trade skills?  Carpentry? Plumbing? Fence Construction? Etc.

8) How would a previous roommate describe you?

9) Describe three personal strengths.

10) What three challenges do you anticipate in this apprenticeship?

11) We expect our apprentice to NOT be distracted by personal technology (i.e. cell phone, iPod, etc) during the workday.  Will you be able to comply with this?

12) Is there anything else you would like us to know about you?

Please send this application back to either as a google doc. or in the body of an email.

Please also include a resume and cover letter.

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