Junior Beginning Farmer Program in Virginia

Junior Beginning Farmer Program

Junior Beginning Farmer Program in Virginia at the Fauquier Education Farm, Warrenton, VA

July 27, August 3, August 10, 2016

Registration: http://tinyurl.com/zy8nkfe

The Northern Piedmont Beginning Farmer Program is very pleased to announce our first Junior Beginning Farmer Program targeted at 9th through 12th grade students interested in investigating a career in agriculture. This free three week course will use the Va. Beginning Farmer and Rancher curriculum, An Introduction to Whole Farm Planning. This will also include two farm tours in the area. The course is intended to help our students map out an action plan of steps to take as they look into agriculture as a career and way of life.   

Important Dates:

July 27th, Aug 3rd and 10th – 6 to 8 PM classes at the Education Farm

Farm Tours– 6 to 8 PM

July 28th—Aug 2nd

Rain or shine

All classes to be held at:

The Fauquier Education Farm*

8428 Meetze Rd.

Warrenton, Virginia

 This class is free and open to 9th—12th grade students.  Limit is 25 students.  Please register by July 22.

*The Fauquier Education Farm is a learning resource for students, farmers, gardeners and anyone wanting to learn more about how our food is grown. They offer a broad range of activities to showcase how we are planting, maintaining and harvesting fresh wholesome vegetables while also being good stewards of the land. These activities include:.

    • Workdays
    • Demonstrations
    • Field Days
    • Northern Piedmont Beginning Farmer and Rancher Program

The Fauquier Education Farm also plays a unique role in support of The Northern Piedmont Beginning Farmer and Rancher Program. This is a multi-week course of instruction for folks who are new to, or dreaming of launching a farming business. It is a Whole Farm Planning course using the curriculum developed by the Virginia Beginning Farmer and Rancher Coalition Program. The Fauquier Education Farm has partnered with several Agricultural Extension Agents from surrounding counties to present this course and help guide new farmers on their path to becoming professionals

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