Female Farm Worker Wanted in Oregon

Oregon Desert Farm
Are you a country gal stuck in the city? This is an opportunity of a lifetime. We are looking for a live-in female farm worker, who is not afraid to work. Is 18-35, single, mechanically inclined helpful, but not necessary. FFA experience helpful but not necessary.  No smoking, drugs or alcohol. Drivers license a must due to our location. We are honorary FFA members.
We have 20 acres & are 100% solar & building from the ground up. We live in the High Desert of Oregon – Christmas Valley.  The town is 20 miles west of us, pop 1400, & four miles off the main road into the desert. We are 120 miles from the several large cities: Bend to the Northwest, Lakeview to the Southeast (County seat), and Kalamath Falls to the Southwest. This person would help in all stages of the making of the homestead. We are building a house, raising chickens & rabbits, and putting in our garden at this time. Eventually we will have goats and pigs. Our goal is to put up a produce stand at the end of the road, selling eggs and fresh produce. We also have a solar business and this person would also help install and troubleshoot problems.
Being that we are going back to the pioneer days, we are canning everything possible. Eventually we will have a root cellar & an in-ground freezer. We are also putting up a windmill. We are digging our well. Everything is being done the old fashion way at this time, until we get a tractor up and running.
We are looking for a female farm worker because 1) need to be able to help with house chores, 2) help us when we are sick. Both of us have health issues, 3) you will inherit homestead when we pass. Neither of us has relatives wanting our homestead. We would make sure it is willed to you, and 4) men think that they know everything and it should be done their. That is not what we want. So if you feel this is for you, submit a resume and tell us why you should be picked. Send to Carl Shelton at: ancienthealingwolf@gmail.com

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