6 Month Farm Internship in Oregon

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6 Month Farm Internship at Quail Run Hollow in Oregon

Quail Run Hollow is located in the beautiful foothills of the Oregon coastal range. We are a small, sustainable, family-owned operation.  Our farm sits on 20 acres of land that varies from forest to pasture.  At Quail Run Hollow we raise Nigerian Dwarf dairy goats.  During our years as a licensed grade A dairy and cheese plant we made award-winning fresh cheeses.  Currently we sell our milk to a pet food manufacturer where they specialize in raw, natural foods including goat yogurt.

We are looking for a couple or independent single adult for a long-term (6 month) internship.  We have a variety of learning opportunities on the farm that would include:

  • Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goat Husbandry

    • Milking

    • Vaccinations

    • Kidding

    • Bottle Feeding

    • Hoof Trims

    • General Care – feeding, water, pen cleaning

    • Marketing/Sales

  • Gardens – Vegetables and Berries

    • Planting

    • Weeding

    • Harvesting

    • Preserving

    • Cooking/eating

  • Orchards

    • Trimming

    • Harvesting

    • Preserving

    • Cooking/Eating

  • Farm Maintenance

    • Fence repair

    • Building projects

Our goal in having interns is to slightly lessen our load, while providing a learning opportunity for someone else.  Ultimately, we hope to train/trust our interns enough to possibly leave them in charge occasionally.  We truly want a mutually beneficial relationship that will last at least 6 months.  We expect a minimum of 20 hours of work per week.  Some days will be busier than others.  We definitely will provide days off for interns to explore the area.  We are comfortable with interns seeking additional employment or educational opportunities as long as our work requirements can be met.  We will provide housing, fresh fruits and vegetables and a $200 stipend a month for additional food/staple needs.

Our property offers a separate housing facility for our intern(s).  It includes a bedroom with a new queen-size bed.  The kitchen is shared with the creamery, but is still quite private most of the day.  There is a large living area with wi-fi access.  Interns can have access to all gardens and forested areas on the property. Interns will need a car. We are approximately 7 miles away from the nearest town and 30 miles southwest of Portland.

Interns need to be 4/20 friendly.  We do have firearms on our property for the protection of our farm/animals.  We are not organic, but we try to be as natural as possible.  Our goal is to be as self-sustainable as possible while still enjoying life.

Interested candidates for the 6 month farm internship may email us directly, sacatino@gmail.com.  A formal resume is not needed; however, we would like a personal statement from the applicant (background/interests) as well as dates available and at least two references (letters of recommendation are not necessary, just contact information for the reference).  We will keep the posting open until filled.  We are hoping to have someone in place by the end of June or beginning of July.

Summer & Scott Catino

29645 NW Quail Run Dr.

Gaston, OR 97119



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