Building a Legally Resilient CSA Workbook

Legally Resilient CSA Workbook
Farm Commons is excited to release their Building a Legally Resilient CSA Workbook! This resource guides farmers through the complex and subtle legal issues that affect Community Supported Agriculture programs around the country. The approach empowers farmers to understand, assess, and manage the risks specific to their CSA operation. Farmers will find tips, tools, and resources to build CSA programs that can thrive over the long term.
The Building a Legally Resilient CSA Workbook is available for free (like all our educational materials) at the Farm Commons website.
Interested in CSA law overall? Check out the tutorials and podcasts on the same. Later this month, look for the new version of Farm Commons’ guide to writing a CSA member agreement!
Farm Commons requires users to create an account before downloading their free resources. This allows them to be in touch with users when they publish updates or modifications. Users can also save documents and the recorded tutorials to their profile for easy access.If you have any trouble accessing our materials, please see the website users guide for more information.
Farm Commons is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing sustainable farmers with legal resources. they provide educational materials on a wide range of legal issues affecting sustainable farms including food safety, farm employment, liability and insurance, business entities, and more. Interested in farm law and why it matters? Check out the video series: Farm Law in Action.
Farm Commons believes that farmers should be empowered to take action on the legal situations that affect their operations. Their educational resources help farmers identify issues, break them down into manageable steps, and give farmers the confidence to move forward.

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