Sustainable Farming Jobs on Arizona EcoVillage

Avalon Ecovillage and Farm

Sustainable Farming Jobs at Arizona EcoVillage – Avalon Gardens

We are one of the worlds largest and longest sustaining EcoVillages, situated on 220-acres of historic & sacred agricultural land in Southern Arizona’s fertile Santa Cruz River Valley. We practice farming using traditional permaculture principles and time-honored techniques of organic gardening, as well as new sustainable technologies. We have people from all over the world with a diverse age groups and cultural backgrounds. We have 100-acres presently in cultivation.

We are a fully operational micro-society showcasing the success we have had incorporating a modern lifestyle within the sustainable context of a land-based society.

We offer agricultural internships, educational events, workshops, and tours to the public, including…

We are not just a sustainable farm but a sustainable society, and have many full-time volunteers, passionate about creating a sustainable culture to end planetary suffering and bright light & life to this earth.

We are currently looking to move into more sales, product definition, marketing. We are currently building an online store, as well as farm management technology. We have many people here passionate about creating a sustainable culture to end planetary suffering.

These sustainable farming jobs are intended to take the farm to the next level of sustainability and profitability.

Some of our operations include:

-Heritage grains and beans (for animal and human consumption)
-Vegetables (greenhouses, polyculture Herb gardens, and larger acreage field gardens, a large variety of vegetables)
-Orchards (Polyculture and Food-Forest)
-Animal Husbandry (Goats, Cows, Turkey, Chickens, Emus, Llamas, & Horses)
-Processing (Flour Milling, Canning Vegetables, Dairy, etc…)
-Aquaponics (Tilapia, Catfish and others) – prototypes are made, and a larger construction is in planning/assessing phase
-Mushrooms (edible and medicinal)

We have openings for sustainable farming jobs in:

-Tractor & equipment operation (Haying & Crop Production)
-Nursery, propagation, & greenhouses
-Field Labor
-Farm Management
-Farm Consulting

Hours change seasonally-weekly-daily, depending on the position and farm needs.

Tractor operators’ hours are subject to the most change due to field conditions, weather, etc…

We are looking for people with experience to share, along with openness to new ways of doing things

Please send resumé to:, and we will forward you our application.

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  1. Interested in living and learning here and the many opportunities I’m finding

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