Organic Farming Internship in Missouri

Organic Farming Internship

Organic Farming Internship on Alphonse Farm in Southeast Missouri – 2017

Alphonse farm is a budding sustainable project in Southeast Missouri located 10 miles outside of Cape Girardeau. We sit on 70 acres but at the moment plan to cultivate 3 acres:  ½ acre of Elderberry shrubs, ½ acre of vegetables for home use as well as farmers market, and 2 acres to be cleared and use as a pollinator/wildlife habitat.  We are one of four Organic farmers in our area, and you’ll find more around the bigger cities.

I (Kesh), am a landscape designer and I thrive on functional landscapes; so most of what I deal with involves gardens that are aesthetically pleasing as well as functional in the kitchen, or used as herbs.

Nikko is an Agriculture science major and his specialty lies in soil development and seed saving.

organic farming missouriTogether we strive to implement knowledge of the various styles/ techniques of growing food that we have learned- no till, aquaponics, dry farming (using mulch and little to no irrigartion), bees and pollinator gardening, tea and spice gardening, etc.

We seek to offer knowledge we have learned as young farmers, having interned on organic farms ourselves, as well as create an environment where a young intern (s) can have access to educational seminars/ conferences that happen in the area.

Organic Farming Internship Compensation: In exchange of your time, (minimum 4 hours a day, 4 days a week, maximum 8 hours during harvest) we will provide a stipend, room and board in our house, and a share of the abundant harvest when available. We are vegetarians/ vegans and hope to share the house with similar minded persons, although this is not a deal breaker.

We love cooking fresh meals daily; we make our own pasta from scratch, panner from scratch, bake our own breads, and make our own ferments. Kesh lived in India for some time (8 years total, on and off), and learned a lot about Ayurvedic cooking, as well as authentic village cooking.

We may, from time ask your help in puppy sitting our Great Dane and Rat Terrier should we leave for family or business trips (you will be compensated for this outside of an agreed stipend).

Southeast Missouri has a lot to discover, and there will be many mini road trips for hiking, kayaking, and exploring. We are an hour away from Elephant Rock State park, minutes away from Trail of Tears Historical state park, and a few hours away from garden of the Gods and Little Grand Canyon.

We encourage exploration for inspiration and rejuvenation. Missouri does have a few Venomous snakes and spiders, but with care and attention, you can avoid running into either of these.

Experience of Organic farm life is welcome, but not necessary as each place runs differently.

To apply for the organic farming internship, please send a resume/ letter of intent to learn about farming, along with two references, your availability, to You can alo call 206-818-1727 and ask for Kesh (Pronounced K-shh) Please include pictures, videos or anything creative to help us get to know you. Applications are accepted until February 2017.  We look forward to hosting you.

Kesh and Nikko.

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