Private Organic Farmer Job in Santa Barbara

private organic farmer job
Private Organic Farmer Job /Agricultor Orgánico Privado (Santa Barbara) – Sea Smoke Farms
Santa Barbara, CA 93121
Date to fill: 1.15.17
Employment Type: Part-Time
Private Organic Farmer Job Description: 
Shape the future at SeaSmoke Farms! Seeking single organic farmer on 25 hour/week, semi-permanent basis. The 3 acre ranch is located in Santa Barbara, California, in a private, hidden location. The property includes a nascent vineyard, several orchards, a half dozen raised vegetable garden beds, insectaries and complete fencing. About half of it is under cultivation; about a quarter is hardscape infrastructure; another quarter is not yet cultivated.
The Farm owner prefers a Farmer who is an independent, creative problem solver,  a good communicator, and an deeply experienced and passionate gardener and ranch hand. He welcomes new ideas for developing the Farm profitably, including the maintenance of the greenhouse space.
Sea Smoke Farms is located in the city of Santa Barbara, CA, and is a private, certified organic 3.0 acre avocado and rare citrus farm used for commercial, residential and educational purposes.  It is locatd in a high-density surburban area.  It is easy to walk to the beach (25 minutes) and shops (15 minutes).
The Farm is wildly diverse with over 100 types of edible and fruiting plants, and an apiary, water catchment, toolshed, greenhouses, shadehouses and other infrastructure. The owner lives on site and deeply values privacy.
Remuneration includes:
After a short trial period, remuneration will include a monthly stipend, and avocados and citrus from the farm. A simple vintage Airstream housing with private mini kitchen and bathroom, with paid Internet and electricity may also be available to the farmer.
Potential onsite housing is rare in Santa Barbara Salary is negotiable.
Duties & Responsibilities: 
Tasks include:
Planting, pruning, fertilizing, irrigation, pest/disease control, harvesting and processing (canning, drying, etc.). Asphalt road maintenance, dirt road, trail and drainage improvement. Weeding and mulching and hedging (hand brush cutter). Fence building/repair/maintenance. Airstream, Infrastructure, greenhouse, shadehouse, garage structure maintenance (plumbing, roof, heating, electric, drywall, repair and more). Apiary maintenance and care.  Find and supervise external contractors as necessary. Good and timely communication with the owner.  Ability to lift 50 lbs; work long days in hot, cold or rainy weather; take instruction from others; exhibit initiative and self-direction and common sense; be able to work independently or with others will; fluency in Spanish a plus.
Education & Experience: 
Farmer should have a thorough appreciation and working knowledge of both native and nonnative edible plants, and a familiarity with sustainability principles, whether permaculture, biodynamic, or natural farming techniques. Five years of experience in a similar position is desirable, and two years is a minimum.
To Apply for the Private Organic Farmer Job or for More Information:
Please send an email with resume and cover letter to

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