Atelier Farm in Virginia Seeks Apprentice

Antelier Farm

Teammate wanted at Atelier Farm in Virginia – 2017

Atelier Farm is a small-scale, year-round, CSA ‘flora’ farm – vegetable, fruit, herb, and flower – in Charlottesville, Virginia, looking for a well-comma’ed individual: one hard-working, hard-thinking, detail-oriented, positive-spirited, physically-enduring, weather-loving, go-getting, goal-setting, well-listening-but-good-speaking, empty-cupped, mad-scientist teammate for the growing season. As a member of our team, your physical power, youthful or once-young-but-still-youthful vibrance, perspective, and personal experience will be part of an exchange for the farmer’s own perspective and ear, agricultural instruction, the very fruits of your labor, and a human experience your body was born for.  Yes, it’s hard, but it’s the good kind of hard.

Atelier is a two-person farm, balanced across vegetables, flowers, medicinal and culinary herbs, and a new orchard (that you will help to install). Our keywords of the day are ‘verdant’ and ‘buoyant,’ touching upon a farm that is visually green, structurally resilient, and emotionally uplifting. Please explore our website for an explanation of our farming practices, and do read the accompanying “Apprenticeship Manifesto” for a sense of spirit.

Participate in collaborative, open book farming: see, learn, and do it all to run a small-scale farm. This is our inaugural season, so more than any other time in the life of a farm, you will have the opportunity to see the creation and evolution of farm systems, structures, and methods, one-on-one. All experience-levels welcome, though we prefer that you ache to know, and, in our experience, that ache only comes with time farming. Work hours are reasonable — 7am-5+pm, Monday through Friday – with $375/week, vegetable, and experiential compensation. Start dates flexible, beginning as early as March 1, with a minimum of 7 months commitment, after which yield and markets will determine the future. No on-farm housing is available at this time, we do apologize.

Vegetarianos and -anas welcome, phones not so much.

Please visit for more information, then send your Resume, Lover Cetter, and Questions to Austin (austin [at], subject: “What Great Weather.” Applications accepted until filled. Check the website for updates.

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