Draft Horse Powered Vegetable Farm Apprenticeship

draft horse powered vegetable farm

Draft Horse Powered Vegetable Farm Apprenticeship in North Carolina for 2017

Lazy Heron Farm is a new draft horse-powered vegetable farm in Stanly County, NC, located in the fork between the Rocky and Pee Dee Rivers. We use organic growing practices which emphasize compost and cover crops to serve a CSA, two planned markets, and stores/restaurants. We are looking for a motivated individual to join our crew for 2017!


You can expect to be exposed to all and given independence in some of the following:

  1. Greenhouse seeding and management
  2. Horse care, handling, harnessing, rotational grazing
  3. Some draft horse driving and implement usage based on interest
  4. Field rotations, tillage, cover cropping, and fertility
  5. Harvesting
  6. Weed management
  7. Seeding and transplanting
  8. Building and repairs as needed
  9. CSA management, store deliveries
  10. Some tractor work—mowing and compost turning—as needed and based on interest
  11. Farmers market sales
  12. Animal husbandry. This year we expect to raise a few pigs, have an on farm poultry slaughter, and keep a small number of laying hens.

The apprentice is expected to work a 40 hour work week. There are times when we all need to be working, such as CSA and market harvests. Generally, we will be working Monday-Friday and Saturday morning market, though the apprentice’s hours are somewhat flexible. The apprentice should keep track of their own hours and communicate their schedule in advance. There may be weekends when the apprentice is asked to do horse chores. This will count toward their 40 hours.


  1. Primitive housing (imagine a small canvas ‘high tunnel’) with some basic furnishings.
  2. Access to a kitchen, primitive bathing facility.
  3. Access to an electric outlet.
  4. Vegetables from farm field as much as needed and a share of any eggs and meat we may have from the farm. Staples, such as rice, beans, and pasta, will be kept in a communal kitchen and are available for apprentice use.
  5. $400 a month, adjusted for partial months, paid on the second Friday of the month. You will be an employee, so there will be deductions for taxes.
  6. Paid 40 hours vacation time throughout the season. Time off should be discussed two weeks in advance.


The apprentice’s season is scheduled to begin Monday, March 6 and end Friday, November 10, 2017. There is some flexibility on either end.


Weekday lunch will be made, at no expense to apprentice, on a rotational cooking basis. Other meals may be shared based on everyone’s schedule.

Farmer-Apprentice Relations

We expect to enjoy each others company in and out of the workday throughout the season. Especially since work and “life” balance can be blurred on a farm, communication is important to express everyone’s need for personal space.

To Apply for the Draft Horse Powered Vegetable Farm Apprenticeship

Send an email to lazyheronfarm@gmail.com

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