Farmer’s Apprentice Positions in New York

Nook and Cranny Farm

Two Farmer’s Apprentice Positions Available on Nook & Cranny Farm near Ithaca, NY – 2017

Farm Description
Nook & Cranny farm is a small scale, intensive and highly diversified organic vegetable farm located 12 miles from Ithaca, NY. The farm support a ~75 member as well as farmer’s market and retails sales. We grow over 50 types of vegetables, including hundreds of different varieties and focus on season extension. We have 4 hoop houses for growing heat-loving crops in the summer and for season extension in the late fall and early spring. We strive to increase soil fertility through addition of rock amendments and compost to growing beds, cover cropping, rotation of animals and mulching with hay. This is not a large-scale organic farm, but an intimate affair and on a human scale: we know every share member and their vegetable tastes and every growing bed and its rotation history. We farm primarily by hand and with the use of BCS 2-wheeled tractors and implements. Our goals are to produce the best food possible, to nourish the soil and take care of the land, to feed and support the nearby community, and to develop a sense of community, belonging and larger purpose through farming.

About me
Although born into a working class inner city family with immigrant roots, I knew from an early age that i was destined to be a farmer; I just didn’t know how to go about doing it. After years of searching, in a time when when small scale ag. wasn’t well known or readily accessible to a city boy, I found my calling and have been steadily building my soil, farm infrastructure and business. In addition to farming I have always enjoyed outside activities, physical exercise, punk rock, good food, coffee and beer, friends and travel. I look forward to each farming season’s successes as well as pitfalls, each new farmer I work with and the farm crew’s dynamic.

Position description
We are currently have two full time farmer’s apprentice positions for the 2017 season. It is assumed that this position will develop into a more of a co-manager role as the season progresses. As well as being employment, the farmers apprentice position is an educational position and the apprentice will be a farmer-colleague and will be expected to be involved with all aspects of small-scale organic vegetable production and animal management: greenhouse work, bed preparation, field planting, cultivation, trellising, harvesting, hoop house construction, irrigation system set-up, poultry and hog management, csa share distribution, market and retail sales, crew management and business planning.

No farming experience needed but desirable. No formal education required but completion of college degree is highly desirable. Must be able to work up to 40 hours a week over 4 or 5 days, including Sunday harvest for CSA shares and at least one day of attendance at a local farmer’s market. Have drivers license and working vehicle for market sales. Must be an open-minded, personable, friendly and intelligent crew member; love working with people, plants and animals; love hard physical labor; be committed to eating real food, living simply, and being waste and energy conscious.

Farmer’s Apprentice Compensation
• $9.70/hr start with at least $0.50/hr raise every 3 months
• profit sharing from farmer’s market sales
• big-ass csa box of vegetables and share of farm eggs
• can purchase farm-raised chicken and pork at cost
• two private apartments are available for renting for on-farm living

The whole situation is a learning experience, and for me as well! I look forward to learning new skills myself and to assisting others learn vegetable growing. I would like to have a least two meetings weekly to discuss the farm’s needs and plan for the week’s work. I will work with the apprentice nearly every day and happily invlove the apprentice in the farm’s day-to-day running and management. Visits to nearby farms and off-grid homesteads can be arranged.

Instructions on how to apply for the Farmer’s Apprentice Positions
Please contact Bob Tuori at
phone 607 539 6580

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