Medicinal Herb Farm Job

medicinal herb farm
Pangaea Plants Medicinal Herb Farm is offering two positions for the 2017 growing season. Certified Biodynamic and Organic.
Start by March. (Inquire if it is after March when you see this- workers always needed!)
Assistant farm Manager $ 10-12/hr 30-50 hrs a wk
and Farm laborer $ 8-9/hr 20-40 hrs a wk
This medicinal herb farm cultivates 7 acres on our 24 acre farm in Western North Carolina. We grow 10-20 different medicinal herbs, annuals and perennials. We start all our own plants. And have great equipment from vacuum seeders, New tractor with transplanters, cultivators and a awesome herb harvester.  We dry them in a 40′ herb dryer, grind them and package them wholesale and retail.  We are 45 minutes east of Asheville.
The crew will be myself, one assistant manager and one laborer and then more part timers as they are needed for bigger jobs.  Plus my 5 yr old son who can identify most of the herbs in the field and a lot of the weeds too!
Looking for people with experience.  Assistant and laborer’s must have at least some of these skills: Tractor operator, knowledge of herbs, knowledge of Biodynamics, knowledge of Organics, knowledge of seed starting, soil, weeds, disease.  Knowledge of drying and processing herbs.  Keeping track of activities, time, tasks. Must be able to work on their own. Some light construction experience -basic knowledge of carpentry, electrical, irrigation, propane heaters. Greenhouse management.
There isn’t really a lot of heavy lifting, the hard part is doing something a couple thousand times over!  Seeding, stepping up, transplanting, weeding, harvesting, sorting, grinding, packaging..most of our rows have 1600 plants in them.  Everything needs to be done as fast as possible.  And with attention and reverence and a bit of humor!
Need your own dependable vehicle.  There is a Airstream trailer someone could stay in possibly, but it is also the break room for the farm and the only facilities.  I live 6 miles from the farm and have my son half the week, so I am often not there or only for short amounts of time when I am with him-also I bring him there and hope that you like kids and can have a  water fight with him in the summer!
Our medicinal herb farm is unique. I can not find another supplier of bulk or retail certified Biodynamic herbs anywhere!  I don’t want to claim I am the only one, but it sure looks that way. We are the first biodynamic farm in WNC (one of only two).  We often host events at the farm for people curious about herbs, school children, etc.
I am a pretty easy person to work for but also expect a lot from people and take this job seriously while having a good time doing it! .  It is a beautiful setting though rural and in the summer dog gone hot!
If you are interested in working on a medicinal herb farm please email me info about yourself and experience and we can take it from there –  I prefer to meet people and have them meet the farm before anyone is hired.
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Thank you and bless you!

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