Harvest Manager Job in Pennsylvania

Broad Wing Farm

Harvest Manager Job at Broad Wing Farm in Morgantown, PA, 2017

We are seeking a full-time Harvest Manager for the 2017 season March through November.  We offer competitive hourly pay commensurate with experience.

Broad Wing Farm includes 3 acres of vegetables and herbs.  Small is beautiful, for this scale allows us to attend to details and quality.  We are currently Certified Naturally Grown, following organic standards but inspected by our fellow farmers instead of the USDA.  We grow cover crops to protect and nourish the soil and rotate crops to avoid depleting the soil and building up pest pressure.  We use natural fertilizers and manage pests, weeds and disease without synthetic chemicals as we constantly work to balance minerals in our soil, build organic matter, and increase soil health.  We do not grow any genetically modified (GMO) crops.

Most important qualities and qualifications for harvest manager job:

-Several years’ organic produce farming experience, especially harvesting, washing, packing & quality control

-observant/present worker:  eyes open to diseases, pests, timely jobs or items ready for harvest

-speed & efficiency


-positive attitude and good humor

-comfortable with farm physicality – lift 80 lb, moving with energy

We will ask you to:

-work independently and with crew.  Need to be self-motivated when working solo.

-seed, plant, weed, harvest, pack, drive tractor, tend: all the diverse jobs of veggie farming

-deliver – about 1x a week to our CSA/restaurant locations

-direct daily harvest: manage/guide less experienced crew, especially when harvesting

We may have other part-time positions available for less experienced applicants.

Applicants need to have their own transportation and housing.

Our farm is a 3.5 acre Certified Naturally Grown family vegetable farm serving about 70 CSA members and area restaurants.  Our goals are to produce delicious, beautiful, healthful vegetables for our community.  We aim to create a working environment that is energetic, efficient, enjoyable, and productive.  We aspire to continually craft the farm to stay small and improve our practices and intensive growing within our limits.

Please apply for the harvest manager job by sending your resume, cover letter, and two references to broadwingfarm@riseup.net.

Curious to learn more about us?  Explore our website at broadwingfarm.net and feel free to drop us a line at our e-mail.

The Land

We are grateful to be tending a beautiful circa 1800 eighty-acre farm in Robeson Township in the southern tip of Berks County.  The gently rolling pastures and tillable land marry perfectly with the farm’s forest, once contiguous with, and now just a stone’s throw from French Creek State Park.  This farm has been cherished for years by our landlords and their support has given a lift to our wings.

The Reason

As farmers we know we feel best eating fresh, delicious food grown with dedication.  The rich experience begins with the beauty of the food and deepens when cooking a meal for loved ones and enjoying increased health and energy as the food fuels us.

Nature is our life: the details of the dance of seasons in wildlife and plants express themselves in our craft.  We are dedicated to growing and harvesting high quality foods and herbs for ourselves and our farm family.


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