Farm Caretaker Wanted in Tennessee

farm caretaker

Farm Caretaker Wanted in Tennessee for 2017. Housing and salary included.

Looking for a caretaker or caretaker couple who are young and industrious and have a clean lifestyle!!

We are located in the NE tip of Tennessee in a beautiful little Rural town, Laurel Bloomery.  We need someone who has organic gardening skills (small scale garden),  we also have a small hydroponic system.   We need help with grounds on a 5 acre Trout farm, also help getting the Trout Farm functioning again.   We would like to have chickens out there, possibly a milking goat…. Not essential but would be nice.   Job could include occasional housekeeping on the rental unit on main farm.  The main farm is one mile away.  It is a family run (2 families live here) non profit horse farm with 35 horses, so occasional feeding of horses would be a great help!

The living situation would be on the 5 acre farm, a large, over the barn area with new kitchen, new bath, new hardwood floors and a big open space that could be finished out by someone with carpentry skills.   Nothing fancy but clean and with lots of potential!   The little place is private, quiet, and lovely with all the ponds.

The salary for the farm caretaker would depend on the skill level and hours worked so hard to say exactly the salary.

It’s a great opportunity for someone who wants to grow their own food and live this self supporting life style, but doesn’t have the land or farm to do it!

We are looking for non-drinkers, non cigarette smokers, and non pet owners.   No exceptions here.   If this farm caretaker position interests you, please email me at

The main farm has a website: with lots of pictures!!  Please feel free to write and ask any questions you may have.   Thank you.

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