Farm Apprentice Positions in Hudson Valley

Stonegate Farm

Farm Apprentice Positions at Stonegate Farm in Balmville, NY, 2017

Farm Apprentice Positions: We have an opportunity for aspiring farmers with some experience to help run our expanding CSA and organic cut flower operation at Stonegate Farm.

Stonegate is an 1850s Carpenter Gothic estate farm in New York’s Hudson River Valley, one hour North of New York City. We run a CSA and market farm that includes heirloom vegetables, historic orchard fruit, cut flowers, eggs and honey. The farm is creating a farm supper and event program to run concurrently with the CSA, as well as evolving as an wedding venue. The farm is small, sustainable, bio-intensive and integrated into a non-farm district; a model of local, small-scale community farming that is central to the farm’s philosophy.

We’re looking for motivated individuals with passion and ambition, interested in learning how to run and manage a seasonal organic farm operation.
Independent on-farm housing, board and stipend commensurate with experience.

Farm Apprentice Positions begin in April 2017, interviews at the farm or via Skype from Mid-March on.

To apply for the farm apprentice positions, or for more details, email:
Insta: StonegatefarmNY

Stonegate Farm • 4 Stonegate Drive • Balmille, NY 12550
Organic cut flowers, fruit, vegetables, eggs + raw honey

Stonegate Farm is an 1850s Carpenter Gothic farm in New York’s Hudson River Valley, one hour North of New York City. Originally part of a large estate, the National Historic Register farm outbuildings and Italianate Villa have each been carefully restored, while the surrounding land has been recultivated as a local, organic market farm an CSA with an active membership.  

Our methods are sustainable and our practices are in keeping with the model of traditional small family farms, which were once widespread throughout the Hudson Valley. Any hike through the forests of the Hudson Highlands will take you through what was once cultivated land, cleared and sustainably farmed for generations until industrial agri-business made the very rational small farm model untenable.  New growth forests reclaimed the fields as farms were abandoned and left to lie fallow; we hike over abandoned walls and toppled foundations and can only imagine what the land once yeilded.

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