Farm School and Ecological Landscaper Immersion

Farm School

Sebastopol, CA: Accepting Applications-Ecological Landscaper Immersion and Farm School programs at the Permaculture Skills Center

The Permaculture Skills Center is a 5-acre demonstration site and educational institution dedicated to sharing regenerative land development and management practices. We are currently accepting applications for our 2017 Ecological Landscaper Immersion and Farm School programs. Program descriptions follow.

Farm School: Our Farm School supports the development of the skills and relationships necessary for starting and sustaining a successful farm enterprise. Created for the urban, suburban and rural farmer, Farm School is committed to helping farmers and farm-families establish productive thriving
businesses in their region’s food economy. Farm School begins with a 14-week intensive training, followed by an integrated 6-month mentorship. Participants learn how to design and maintain a
holistic, regenerative farm business that will increase the life-supporting capacity of the land and their revenue. Our curriculum covers water systems, soil science, crop planning, agroforestry, energy systems and harvesting techniques. Each week incorporates a full day of business planning and coaching, evening lectures from successful farmers in the region, and detailed farm tours. Following the intensive, participants are paired with a mentor for the subsequent six months to build upon their farm enterprise plan.

2017 Farm School dates: June 12 – September 12 + 6 month mentorship

To learn more and apply, visit our Farm School page:

Ecological Landscaper Immersion: The Ecological Landscaper Immersion (affectionately known as ELI) was created to empower the next generation of aspiring professional land stewards with a foundation of ecological literacy, practical landscaping and design skills, combined with personal and
professional development. Graduates are able to channel their unique strengths and interests into vocations that increase the life-supporting capacity of landscapes. ELI includes hands-on experience and proactive engagements with real-world projects. From backyards to broad acre, participants gain ecological problem solving skills for cultivating resilient and integrated systems for water, soil, plants and animals. The program culminates with an individual capstone project, during which participants synthesize their skills and passions into tangible next steps in their professional development with the support of mentors – whether it’s starting or growing a business, getting
a job they love, teaching these skills to others or taking their studies a step further via research and continued education.

2017 ELI dates: June 12 – November 16
To learn more and apply, visit our Ecological Landscaper Immersion page:

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