UVM Farmer Training Program and More

UVM Farmer Training Program

UVM Farmer Training Program

May 8–October 27

The UVM Farmer Training Program is a six-month, hands-on program for aspiring farmers and food-systems advocates that provides experiential, skills-based education in sustainable farming. Students will get a unique and comprehensive education by running all aspects of the 10-acre Catamount Educational Farm, learning from expert farmers and educators in the classroom, and alongside successful, inspiring farmers in the Burlington area.


Agroecology Short Course

Agroecology Shortcourse

July 31–August 10

Agroecology offers crucial tools for farmers, advocates, and planners to transform food systems for sustainability and resilience. This year’s shortcourse will focus on agroecology as a science, practice, and movement. By drawing on the experiences of participants from all over the world, this course will examine pathways to more resilient agrifood systems at a local, regional, and international scale.


Breakthrough Leaders for Sustainable Food Systems

Online May 22–June 3, on campus June 4–9

Ready to move your activism from your Facebook feed to real life? UVM’s Breakthrough Leaders in Sustainable Food Systems Professional Certificate program is training leaders to implement positive, forward-thinking solutions to the crisis that is our broken food system. Gain expertise and perspective on sustainable practices and engage with local sustainability-focused organizations to bring the power back to the people and communities where change is rooted. This 3-week online and on-campus cross-disciplinary program is accepting applications now. Be a part of the necessary [r]evolution for sustainable food systems!


John Dewey Kitchen Institute

June 25–27

This 2 ½ day workshop focuses on cooking as a teaching tool and which draws upon John Dewey’s philosophy of education to inspire and guide our work. The goal of our time together is to focus on the kitchen, which we call the kitchenroom, as a way to emphasize experiential education, of course in teaching about food but also as an important pedagogical approach for teaching any subject.


Campus Sustainability

June 12–16

Distinguish yourself by earning a Professional Certificate in Campus Sustainability Leadership in one week this summer. Bring about change through transformative, financially sustainable innovations at your institution and help your campus become a sustainability model, including through campus dining innovations.

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