NOFA Mass Farming Workshops

NOFA Mass Farming Workshops
NOFA Mass Farming Workshops – Spring 2017
Check out these great NOFA Mass Farming Workshops taking place through July
Strategies For Minimizing Tillage: Occultation, Permanent Beds, and Strip Tillage

April 24  |  First Light Farm, Hamilton, MA

Soil organic matter is an organic farmer’ best friend: it holds moisture, provides habitat for soil life, and is the key ingredient of good tilth. In order to hold onto that organic matter, Mike Raymond of First Light Farm has been experimenting with a number of strategies to keep weeds down while damaging the soil as little as possible. During this workshop, Mike will walk us through his fields, show us an occultation demo, and give you the tools to reduce tillage on your land while still growing great crops.

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Mushroom Cultivation For the Intrepid Gardener
May 6  |  Allandale Farm, Newton, MA

This hands-on workshop will teach you the techniques necessary to grow edible mushrooms in your landscape, whether it be a backyard, woodlot, or basement. We’ll primarily focus on cultivating lion’s mane and shiitake mushrooms, both renowned for their flavor, medicinal qualities, and ease of cultivation.

Permaculture Homestead Design: 
How to Assess and Plan Your Sustainable Homestead
June 17  |  Wildside Gardens, Conway, MA
This workshop, led by permaculture designer, author, and teacher Jono Neiger, will equip you with the design tools to make wise decisions on your current or future homestead. Jono will discuss what you should look for (and look out for) when searching for land. We’ll explore how to read the land and think through where to site the home, roads, drainage, productive zones, and other important infrastructure.
No-Till Market Gardening Intensive: Tools and Techniques For Vital Crops and Healthier Soils
July 9  |  Woven Roots Farm, Tyringham, MA
Learn techniques for intensively growing vegetables using no-till practices on a commercial scale from long-time farmers Jen and Pete Salinetti of Woven Roots Farm. Jen and Pete have managed their diversified vegetable farm for over 15 years using inexpensive, low-tech tools. Their system has built a soil with incredible structure, water-holding capacity, and the soil life needed to grow nutrient-dense crops. They’ve been able to do so all while reducing the use of fossil fuels and compaction associated with tractor equipment.

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Foraging For Nature’s Wild Bounty
July 17  |  Blue Heron Organic Farm

The metropolitan Boston region is home to over 100 species of edible wild plants, some of which are more nutritious and/or flavorful than their cultivated counterparts (including common farm and garden weeds like Dandelion, Wild Mustard, Purslane and Lamb’s Quarters). Join Russ Cohen, expert forager and author, on an evening ramble in and around Blue Heron Organic Farm in Lincoln to learn about at least two dozen edible species.

NOFA Mass Farming Workshops – Spring 2017

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