Farming Volunteers or Interns Wanted in Ontario

farming volunteers

Farming Volunteers or Interns wanted at LifeSpring Beyond-Organic Farm in Kawartha Lakes, Ontario

Live the country life! Farming is hard work, but gives so much back…

Farming Volunteers or Interns wanted – 2 weeks minimum – accommodation and meals provided

Ontario Farm

Welcome to ‘LifeSpring’… we are caregivers of a 100 acre organic farm (park) in the beautiful Kawartha Lakes region. One hour from Toronto. Our private road opens up to rolling fields and forest, three fresh spring fed ponds, great for swimming, canoeing,  and we have the best drinking water around. Ken’s piano music floats through the fields…You’ll stay in a suite with one or two other volunteers, trailer, or camp among the wildflowers if you like. But the house is shared and full of great conversations. We prefer a family and friends, type of feeling. There is fruit in the morning (great for cleansing), hardy lunch and nutritious dinner.

Farm VolunteersFarming Volunteers or Interns – We request your help with our large vegetable garden and greenhouse, planting, growing, weeding etc. and harvesting organic vegetables/fruit/herbs/trees, or fixing fences, planting or bringing in the hay, caring for our small flock of chickens, training animals/calves, working with the cows, (Our herd of Scottish Highland cows have baby’s that are super cute and sweet, that will do anything for a cookie or a brush!) and everything else one does on a farm! We also have tables at two city farmers markets every week in the summer season and one per week during the cooler months.

Being Alternative Health practitioners we accept only non-smokers. Anastasia, as well as being a retired photographer, is a Nutritionist and Bowen Therapist and Ken is, well, everything else, with a HUGE extent of knowledge and experience in hundreds of areas, including farming, that is truly hard to find. Ken is an incredible musician who has played with some of the best, and has done concerts and talks all over North America. He is also involved in developing a new type of Solar with scientists from around the world.

We practice many of the Biodynamic principles in the gardens. Ken has had his green thumb all his long life, having worked and shared alongside many friends and authors of books on every kind of farming, growing, health prospects, invention, science and research you can imagine, and has so much knowledge to share in these areas, whereas Anastasia has been training, assisted healing, and working with all kinds of animals (and Human’s) in many areas, for more than 25 years.

Here you’ll find a great learning experience with much to share for your life’s journey.

Come and give of yourself to the land, which gives back so much in return. Mother Nature, in her intelligence continually imparts her knowledge to us all if we but have the eyes and ears to hear it.

We’d love a volunteer for the year but we also take volunteers for two weeks to a few months as well.

Farming Volunteers or Interns – you can contact us through e-mail at:
Thanks so much!

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  1. Jacqueline N. Harris // June 22, 2017 at 7:25 am // Reply

    I am Jacqueline N. Harris, I am a Biosystems Engineering student at Masters level. I am studying in Turkey and will complete by September this year. I am in search of a place where I can have real life experience before starting my career in my country. Kindly inform me if you have opening for interns.

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