Internship and Job Positions at Tranquil Farms

Tranquil Farms

Internship and Job Positions at Tranquil Farms in Oregon, 2017

Come work or intern with us at Tranquil Farms in Oregon City, Oregon.  We are a young and growing farm. Our main crop is a specialty heirloom fingerling potato farm, and we also grow a diverse variety of fruits, vegetables and herbs on 2 acres along the Clackamas River. Internship and job positions at Tranquil Farms provide the opportunity to learn first-hand on a small farm throughout the growing season. Farm work is not easy as the hours can be long and the work is physical. However, there is no better way to learn the craft of small-scale agriculture than on the job with your hands in the soil. The primary goal of our internship program is to train prospective farmers in the operation of a diverse small farm.

Job Description:  Interns/Workers will be involved in all aspects of the farm from animal chores (chickens), to wash and pack of vegetables, and everything in between. While working closely with the farm manager much of the time and farm owner, they will also have many independent responsibilities. Hours are dependent on what is needed on the farm starting part time, and may lead to full time or a permanent position in the future. Farm work is at the same time incredibly demanding and rewarding.

The following is a list of some of the tasks an farmworker or intern can expect to do:

Field work: includes seeding, transplanting, weeding, thinning, and harvesting.

Greenhouse: seeding, transplanting, watering, trellising and pest control.

Wash Station: washing, sorting, and packing

Animal care: letting chickens out at sunrise if not done already, moving portable chicken pens, feeding and watering chickens, collecting eggs and putting chickens in at sun down if still on property. Maintenance and cleaning of coop and chicken run. 

Garden care:  seeding, weeding, thinning, transplanting, irrigation

Irrigation: setting up and maintaining irrigation system

Construction projects: Tranquil Farms is a young and growing farm. There may be opportunities for building projects

Qualifications:  The ideal candidate would be hard-working, self-motivated, and able to maintain a sense of humor and communicate well. Must be well versed in farm work including plant identification, plant care, insect identification, operating some farm machinery.  Applicants should be reasonably fit and able to lift 50lbs regularly. Must be ok with dogs we have here on the farm.  They should also be able to work outside in all weather conditions from rain to the heat of mid summer. Please no smoking, drug use, alcohol consumption, or pets. A valid driver’s license is required. The ability to drive a standard is preferred but not necessary.

Compensation:  Internship is unpaid but may work into a paying position.  For experienced farm worker we start at $11.50/hour. Raises for outstanding display of relavent experience is a possibility. Harvest bonus may also be possible.

The Application Process for Internship and Job Positions at Tranquil Farms:  Thank you for your interest in applying for a job position or an internship at Tranquil Farms. Please feel free to contact us with any other questions. All applicants may email resume and three reference contacts to: 

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