Profiles in Farm Stewardship Resource

Profiles in Farm Stewardship
American Farmland Trust is excited to announce the release of their Profiles in Farm Stewardship project at, featuring more than 60 outstanding real-world examples of environmental stewardship by California specialty crop farmers.
In short, these profiles in farm stewardship contain contact information for the farmers profiled and each has agreed to be contacted by other farmers who want help/advice on implementing similar conversation practices.

Profiles in Farm Stewardship

Over the course of the past year, American Farmland Trust conducted 60 interviews with specialty crop growers across California who are dedicated to practicing environmental stewardship on their farms and ranches. These profiles are intended to provide inspiration and resources to the thousands of other producers who must follow their example if environmental quality is to become an integral and prominent feature of modern agriculture.

Today, American Farmland Trust is announcing the launch of a new interactive website,, where these profiles in farm stewardship are hosted. In addition to viewing more than 60 examples of outstanding environmental stewardship, this new website provides visitors with the ability to search and sort profiles of specialty crop growers by the stewardship practice(s) used, crops grown, and geography. The profiles contain contact information for the grower, and each has agreed to be contacted as a resource for other California specialty crop growers hoping to implement similar practices.

American Farmland Trust

AFT Mission: Protect farmland, promote sound farming practices, and keep farmers on the land.

American Farmland Trust (AFT) began in 1980 after a small group of farmers and conservationists asked an important question: What will happen to the nation’s food supply if we continue to wastefully develop our best farm and ranch land?

From the early days, AFT has been a strong advocate for voluntary conservation practices and programs that preserve not just land but also our precious soil and water supplies. In the 35 years since AFT began, we’ve seen farmland preservation transform into a national movement that has protected well over five million acres nationwide.

Today, AFT is dedicated to preserving the nation’s farm and ranch land – and critical natural resources like soil and water. We also make sure to never forget that it is people – our family farmers and ranchers – who feed us and sustain America.

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