350 Garden Challenge in Sonoma County, CA May 15-16

OVERVIEW On a single weekend, May 15-16, 350 Sonoma County landscapes will be transformed into bountiful gardens, which save water and carbon emissions, grow food and habitat, and promote greywater and low-impact development, all while educating and empowering community and supporting local businesses. This can be as simple as planting a fruit tree or a tomato plant in a pot. But it is also an opportunity to create innovative gardens on front yards, apartment patios, school and church grounds, and business premises. The 350 Garden Challenge was inspired in part by the 350.org international campaign to find and implement solutions to climate change. We use the term "waterwise" to emphasize the need to conserve water in all aspects of life including as we increase local food production. GOALS The goals are simple: * Create a healthy homegrown food supply * Save water and cut greenhouse gas emissions * Support local businesses * Build community and beautify our neighborhoods

Daily Acts, iGROW Sonoma, GoLocal & Living Mandala are collaborating with the Sonoma County Water Agency and dozens of community groups and companies to create the 350 Garden Challenge. This county-wide project will engage citizens, organizations, local businesses, media and civic leaders to save water and improve access to healthy, fresh local food while positioning Sonoma County as a national leader in the local food movement and water conservation.

The 350 Garden Challenge planning team, together with community organizers, will assist residents with garden planning and design, water management, access to materials, team building, and documentation. Garden sites and participation will largely be coordinated online at www.igrowsonoma.org .


Via Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=108068742554224

Primary Contact
Beth Dadko, Coordinator
iGROW Sonoma

Project Manager
Trathen Heckman, Director
Daily Acts

Business Outreach
Kelley Rajala, Director
GoLocal Cooperative


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