A Farm Bill Primer: Getting Ready for 2012

The following is a nice short piece from Simple, Good, and Tasty with some useful links for introducing folks to the farm bill. Everyone interested in food and farming has a stake in this legislation, so whatever your perspective, I encourage you to read up and get involved. It’s a big piece of legislation, and can be daunting and complex, but it affects us all, and I encourage everyone to try to get involved in whatever capacity you can and on any issue that concerns you.

Every five-or-so years, Congress reconsiders the Farm Bill.  Since the last Farm Bill was passed in 2008, plans are underway to introduce new legislation in 2012. The Farm Bill does two things: it enacts mandatory programs, which are definitely funded — even if they go over budget, and authorizes discretionary programs, which later require money to be appropriated for them by Congress.

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Read the rest of Ann Butkowski’s article A Farm Bill Primer: Getting Ready for 2012 here.

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