A Farm Story, A Farmer Resource, and A Farming Article

Included here are links to a great farm story from Gene Logsdon, A farmer resource on conservation and food safety from Wild Farm Alliance that may be useful, and a farming article on the science of biodynamics from e-organic. Hope you find them as interesting as I do. Just click on the titles to access the full publications.

Barnyard Irony (by Gene Logsdon)

EXCERPT: The farm is no place for the weak of heart but being weak of mind helps sometimes. No truly rational being (if there is such a thing) would submit willingly to kneeling in manure in the midnight cold with one arm up to the elbow in blood and mucous, trying to pull a lamb from a womb.  All those poets who like to sing about the joyous wonders of birthing ought to try barnyard midwifery awhile. How many times I have looked up in the dark and wondered why there couldn’t be a better way. If nature or science or intelligent design is so smart, why can’t we just order calves and lambs from Sears?

Download New Brochure: Farming With Food Safety and Conservation in Mind (From Wild Farm Alliance)

EXCERPT: The co-management of food safety and conservation is covered in this brochure, by providing a helpful, science-based overview, outlining the low prevalence of food borne pathogens in wildlife, addressing conservation practices that can improve food safety, and offering a conservation-minded risk assessment strategy.

The Science Behind Biodynamics (by Dr. Lynne Carpenter-Boggs)

EXCERPT: Biodynamics is an esoteric approach to agriculture created by Austrian philosopher Rudolf Steiner. Steiner was also the father of the philosophy “anthroposophy,” anthroposophic art, anthroposophic medicine, Waldorf schools, Camphill communities, Eurythmy dance, and several other movements in science and culture. In 1924 a group of farmers concerned with declining soil and food quality approached Steiner for a solution. Steiner, neither a farmer nor a scientist, drew on traditional European farming mythology and new impulses from anthroposophy to build BD. Biodynamics was envisioned to not only produce ample food and fiber, but also to heal and nourish the people who depend on these products by healing the soil, plants, animals, and earth.

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