Affordable 27-acre farm for rent or sale in Virginia

$500/month or lease-to-own farm for sustainable ag in Floyd, VA We own 27 acres + 2 large dwellings + other buildings in Floyd, Va., an area known for pristine beauty, small ag enterprises, arts & music scene, high-speed comms infrastructure, and positive lifestyle. We're making these resources available on a flexible, affordable basis to people looking to get started in sustainable farming. We want the property to be used productively by organically oriented folks with dreams and schemes we can believe in. You can rent, buy, or lease to own:

• 19+ acres of rolling hilltop pasture or building land with all-day sun, mountain views, woods, small stream
• 5BR/1BA farmhouse, 2500 sf
• 3BR/2BA doublewide, 1400 sf
• Large grassy paddock w/ pond
• Barn, chicken shed, root cellar
• Large metal workshed with concrete floor and electricity avail. separately

All structures are usable but need some fixup.

$500/month to rent or lease doublewide + land + structures.
$600/month to rent or lease farmhouse + land + structures.
$1000/month for both dwellings + land + structures.

If this sounds interesting, tell us about yourself!

K. Nauth
(434) 989-6287

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  1. Hello,

    My name is jim, I am interested in knowing if this property is still available.
    Any information will be appreciated. Please email or you can call me on my cell at 5402930155.

    • Jim,

      You need to go back to the original post and look up the contact information on it. I simply post these opportunities for others.

  2. I’m interested, please email me. Rafael

    • Rafael,
      Please read the post. It should have contact information for the person actually offering this opportunity. I simply run a website that posts these things for people.

  3. I am an artist and past member of the Mid Atlantic Solar Energy Assoc. I am retired but wish to move closer to my family in Va. In the past I have built solar homes and supported alternative living choices. The artistic and cultural choices in the city are tempting but my wife and I would very much like to build a green and sustainable homestead in the country and retire teach and share.

  4. April M Pearson // March 12, 2012 at 12:57 pm // Reply

    My name is April, I am interested in renting ur farm. I do have cats and dogs, and a 17 yr old step son. The thing is , is where I am renting now, I have to move out by the 1st of April 2012. The landlord did not have this house zoned to the countys thing zonin board and all. Anyways, I am wondering if you can give me a call back and let me know about the farm and I will let you know about me. If the farm is not available, please let other farmers know that we are in desperate need for a place to live. Thank You. The number I can be reached at is 703 594 2876

    • You need to re-read the post. It’s not MY farm. There should be contact info there. If there isn’t, then the place has already been rented.



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  6. Anjanette Keese // August 17, 2012 at 4:55 pm // Reply

    Is either property still available? I have 3 healthy large sons me and my mother and are currently in a rental in Dover, TN looking to relocate and start a new life mother and I both currently receive social sec income. so rental agreement is not a prob. Please contact me, at or call anytime 931-232-7097

    • I don’t think they’re still available. But I wouldn’t know. You’d have to look at the post and use the contact info there.

  7. I am very interested in your property.

    • Not my property, and as this post is over a year old, I suspect it is gone. But there is contact info for the people who actually own it in the post.

  8. I wanted to sympathize with you for the misunderstandings you had to deal with. I understood the listing and i ain’t the sharpest knife in the drawer. But i do read well. I think people are losing their ability to read. I have been experiencing this more and more lately.

  9. I am desperate for a farm to live on. Heavens to Betsy, please help. I want the farm. I want to live on, and rent, the farm.

  10. I left a post a few days ago but no response. I need this farm, and want it. I have legumes and fruits that need to get underground. Seeds are in bags and set by the window sill to start catching sunlight but want them planted soon. I went out into the shed last night and cleaned and sharpened all my tools and refilled the oil canisters. I am ready to go, just sitting here on the couch waiting to see if available. I need the terms you are willing to offer me so I can make arrangements to buy this farm.

  11. Still available? 🙂

  12. This is a wonderful opportunity I am very much interested to try it if still available’ 3012837608

  13. the big farm house is gone..only thing left is dbl wide in the post for contact info…we did..she is really nice!

  14. K,

    I guess I am “Miss” Dreams and Schemes. I am looking to begin in Orchards and maybe a upscale “chicken coop 😉 ” Coming here from So. Cal with my surf board is pretty funny, but I am a computer programmer on disability for a little bit, not too long, and I could afford $1000 somewhere to rent while I look for my own serious property.

    I tried a small plum orchard (6), I think I can manage, say 50 or maybe a hundred to start but I am a reasonable, realistic person. As soon as I get there I will begin ordering Orchard books.

    If you know of any referrals, I am leaving So. Cal. in a day or two heading across AZ, NM, the “Panhandle” and the towards Norfolk where I have work.

    I write computer code, go to school Post-Grad next year, and it is just me and my little Schnauzer. I am Colonel Donald E. Bittner, M.D. and I have told Antionne to slow down a little, she is a workaholic and can farm a little, work on her orchard but has to hold off on programming for maybe 6 months so she is getting her Orchard started. I am Antionne’s Orthopedic Surgeon and I am at Walter Reed Bethesda Naval Base Hospital.

    She talks non stop. HAHA Adonis. This is Colonel John Allen. This is Colonel David Petraeus. Colin Powell. Norman Schwartzkopf. See how it is here?

    Thank you for helping, Antionne will have to be back at work, as we said in a few months but actually, Spring planting is over, so she can prep for next season. We’ll all see you there for the Frangipane.

    Antionne’s disability payment has been stalled due to red-tape but she has enough out here to rent until back on her regular salary.



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