Agriculture Job in Virginia at The Highland Center

The Agriculture Job in Virginia is at The Highland Center, whichhas been instrumental in building a new local slaughterhouse, live animal marketing facility at the Alleghany Highlands Ag Center.  It is under construction and the board is searching for a dynamic general manager.  The position offers a unique opportunity for the qualified candidate to guide a brand new facility from start-up. The location is rural, steeped in natural beauty, and family friendly. Support for this facility is strong in the local community/region with over 30 partners and 93 investors helping with its establishment.

The Alleghany Highlands Agricultural Center is currently under construction, and this brand new USDA-inspected slaughter facility seeks a highly motivated, people-oriented manager. Responsibilities would begin during the construction phase, and would include (but not limited to) hiring of processing facility staff, purchasing of equipment and materials necessary to operate the business, and oversight of regulatory issues, including creation of HACCP plans. Once the Center is operational, the Manager will oversee day to day business operations and the marketing of products and services for both the processing facility and the live animal marketing components of the Center. 3-5 years of workplace experience (or equivalent education) required.

Skills associated with this occupation: The qualified candidate will have 3-5 years of workplace experience in meat processing (or equivalent education), good managerial, organizational and financial skills, as well as a strong sense of community and customer service.

For complete application information for the agriculture job in Virginia, please contact or call 540-468-1922.

Posted November, 2011.

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