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News Briefs from Michael Fields – An agriculture Institute in Minnesota:

Corn Research in Brief – By Walter Goldstein on Aug 03, 2011: The Michael Fields Agricultural Institute‘s  corn breeding program is in full swing.  Our research team includes Research Director Walter Goldstein, Technician RJ Ottaviano, Researcher Allison Pratt-Szeliga, and Intern Marco Heredia, along with many seasonal workers.  We are out in the fields now, diligently hand-pollinating corn.  The weather has been a challenge with winds, drought, heavy rains, and hot and muggy conditions.  However, …
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Why Farmer Advocates Are Needed (And why not to play cards with one)By Margaret Krome on Aug 19, 2011: Farmer advocates are willing to dive into red tape and become experts on the fine print, all to ensure that farmers have equal access to loans and other resources they need. In a perfect world, we wouldn’t need them. Read in browser…

USDA Trying To Right Past Wrongs, One Claim At A Time – By Bridget Holcomb on Jul 23, 2011: The USDA isn’t proud of its history dealing with women and minority farmers. And there’s a reason for that – many perfectly eligible farmers have been denied farm loans because they were women or minorities. But the USDA is trying to right past wrongs… and put $1.33 billion behind it.
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Little Green Thumbs Project; Children’s Garden at Michael Fields Agricultural Institute – By Smaranda Andrews on Aug 17, 2011: The Little Green Thumbs Project is a community initiative. Time in the garden is a time to learn real life skills and community interaction. The kindergarten and first grade students from Leona Doubek Elementary are mentored by the students from East Troy High School. They planted the seeds together, transplanted the seedlings, and were left to interact at will.
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