AmeriCorps Job at Food Bank Nonprofit in WA

Food Bank Nonprofit

AmeriCorps VISTA Job at Food Bank Nonprofit in Washington State, 2017

Are you passionate about local food systems or social justice? Would you like to work at the intersection of hunger relief, food waste, and agriculture? Want to build your skills as a community organizer and leader? Come join a network of committed AmeriCorps VISTA members working to increase the healthy food accessible to hungry populations.

Good Cheer Food Bank and Thrift Stores, in partnership with Rotary First Harvest Against Hunger, is hiring an AmeriCorps VISTA Gleaning Coordinator to build gleaning program networks on Whidbey Island in Washington’s beautiful Puget Sound. Whidbey Island is approximately one hour north of Seattle.

The Harvest Against Hunger project at the Good Cheer Food Bank and Thrift Stores will address hunger, food insecurity, and access to healthy fresh foods in our community by expanding seasonable availability of locally-grown produce, extending the harvest season, supporting food preservation efforts, and expanding our storage capacity. The project will strengthen and sustain systems for community-based volunteer recruitment, community outreach & development, farmer engagement and produce recovery support in order to expand area gleaning capacity. Captured produce through the gleaning effort will be distributed through the local hunger response network to benefit individuals and families in need.

Job at Food Bank Nonprofit: VISTA member responsibilities will include working with community volunteers and landowners to coordinate groups going out to pick local tree fruits, scheduling and facilitating meetings, coordinating volunteer events to pick fruit, coordinating deliveries of fruit to local non-profits, record-keeping, and serving as the public face of gleaning efforts at Good Cheer.

For more information about this Job at Food Bank Nonprofit and to apply:

Accepting applications for the Job at Food Bank Nonprofit from 2/2/2017 to 3/15/2017

Please note: AmeriCorps VISTA members serve their country for a year by volunteering. Compensation includes a living allowance paid biweekly that matches the poverty rate of the county they are placed in; a relocation allowance; and upon successful completion of the year of service, an education award of $5800.

Find out more about Good Cheer Food Bank and Thrift Stores at:
and about Rotary First Harvest and the Harvest Against Hunger Program at:

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