Apply for Use of Mobile Poultry Processor, Massachusetts

New England Small Farm Institute Post Office Box 937, Belchertown, MA  01007 413-323-4531


With this Request for Proposals, New England Small Farm Institute (NESFI) seeks to provide small-scale poultry producer-processors located in eastern Massachusetts with improved access to and professional management of on-farm poultry processing technology. On-farm use of the Mobile Poultry Processing Unit (MPPU) will enable licensed producer-processors to direct market whole poultry within the Commonwealth to consumers through on-farm sales and farmers’ markets and to local food service institutions and restaurants.

The MPPU is a new (2011) non-motorized 26’ tandem axle enclosed trailer (GVW rating 14,000 lbs.) built by Brothers Body & Equipment LLC, Crestline, OH. Custom fit to specifications approved by MA Departments of Public Health, Environmental Protection and Agricultural Resources, the Unit has been fully equipped to support the on-farm slaughter and processing of whole poultry by
trained and licensed producer-processors, in accordance with state regulation and procedures more fully described in the “MPPU Food & Farm Safety Management Guide” prepared by NESFI and New Entry Sustainable Farming Project.

The successful Lessee will be responsible for all aspects of Unit operation including vehicle registration, insurance, transport, maintenance and repair, and user recruitment, training and scheduling. Day-to-day management of the Unit is to be vested in an experienced individual whose qualifications and responsibilities will include but not be limited to Unit transport, scheduling oversight, set-up and takedown, bio-security, supplies inventory management, and user mentoring as necessary.

A lease is offered for an initial two-year period, commencing upon date of execution and ending 24 months from said date unless earlier terminated by either party. The initial two-year agreement is intended to provide NESFI and Lessee with an opportunity to define the economic viability of operating the Unit in eastern MA. NESFI and Lessee will use this information as a basis for negotiating a future, long-term amendment to this agreement, not to exceed an additional ten years and to include option for lease/purchase or outright purchase of the Unit by Lessee.  It is understood that the terms of such amendment shall include payment for the full cost of the Unit, inclusive of payments made during the initial two-year term. NESFI and Lessee agree that the proceeds of this transaction will be invested in further development of small-scale poultry processing infrastructure.

Lessee seeks payment of $250/month for the first four months of the lease agreement, with subsequent payments of $550/month for the remainder of the initial two-year lease term.

Interested organizations or individuals should contact NESFI at or 413-323-4531.  Additional information about the Unit is available on request.

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