Apprenticeship in Lyman, Maine at Black Kettle Farm

Apprenticeship in Lyman, Maine at Black Kettle Farm, 2012 Type: Full season apprenticeship position from May-October Compensation: The position includes a monthly stipend of $600, on farm housing, endless veggies, gratifying work days and participation in a diverse and inspiring agricultural community. Black Kettle Farm, a 4 acre organic vegetable farm in Southern Maine, is offering one full season apprenticeship position from May-October.  The farm distributes it's produce to an 80 member CSA, a weekly farmer's market and local restaurants and also raises pigs.  Black Kettle Farm is located in Southern Maine, right between two great small cities, Portland, Maine and Portsmouth, New Hampshire.  It is down the road from a gorgeous lake, 20 minutes to the ocean and an hour to the White Mountains.  The farm is 12 acres of prime farmland and is perched up on a hill and boasts fantastic sunset views.

The apprentice at Black Kettle will have a full spectrum experience in organic vegetable production from seed to harvest to sale from the perspective of an ever expanding and ever evolving farm business. This will include expose to greenhouse practices, transplanting, tractor skills and maintenance, fencing, irrigation, direct marketing, small scale animal husbandry, interacting with CSA members, restaurants deliveries and plenty of weeding.

The position includes a monthly stipend of $600, on farm housing, endless veggies, gratifying work days and participation in a diverse and inspiring agricultural community.

Black Kettle Farm is a hard working, independently run business and apprentices are expected to join the fast pace and active weekly schedule that the farm dictates. The work week is Monday through Friday from 7:00 – 5:00 pm, with an hour break for lunch.  There is one shared lunch a week.  Rotating weekend responsibilities of greenhouse watering, pig care and field irrigation will be shared with the rest of the staff.  In addition to the apprentice, the crew consists of the farm manager, assistant manager and hourly employees from time to time.

Apprentices are expected to be able to work physically every day, which will consistently include heavy lifting of 40-50 pounds, and major exposure to sun and rain and other potentially burly elements.  Apprentices are also expected to have an open mind and be flexible, adaptable and mentally present.   Ideal applicants will have had some sort of farming/gardening or manual labor work experience and should want to expand their knowledge of growing food as a career.   Strong candidates will also have experience in community living, multi-tasking with attention to detail and working outside. Apprentices need to have a valid driver’s license and be ready to get behind the wheel of a truck, a van, and a tractor and be open to squishing bugs and quite possibly chasing pigs.

The applicant should have goals in mind for their season at the farm and the skills they hope to acquire.  The apprenticeship at Black Kettle will be an opportunity to learn practical skills in organic vegetable production and is primarily a learn by doing environment, however, apprentices are strongly encouraged to ask questions, take pride in their work and feel invested in the farm, the community and the growing season.

The Black Kettle Farm apprentice will live in a 1972 Lark Camper in the back meadow of the farm.  The apprentice will share the meadow with the Assistant Manager who also has her own private camper.  Each camper has it’s own sleeping space, as well as a full kitchen(ette) with a fridge, stove and burners, counter space and table.  Meadow dwellers live off the grid and have a brand new, very clean outhouse as well as a wash station.  It is required to haul water to the meadow and the crew uses the farmhouse for showers, wireless internet and extra storage space.  Each camper runs off of both propane gas and electricity provided by a solar panel.  The meadow also provides a fire pit, hammocks tucked in the trees, and plenty of open space.

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To apply for the apprenticeship, please submit a resume and letter of interest, as well as three references to: Laura Neale at

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