Apprenticeships & Internships: Great Article on Civil Eats

Apprentice or Intern? The Terms Behind The Titles (By Christina Livadiotis, Civil Eats)

EXCERPT: Despite their similarities, the terms are not arbitrary. While an internship introduces inexperienced people to farming via hands on training, an apprenticeship eventually creates a farmer by passing on an entire set of skills. Eric Plaksin, co-owner of Waterpenny Farm, explains why he calls his interns, interns: “We chose the label intern, and not apprentice, deliberately. I think apprentice implies training to eventually have the occupation you’re learning about. Over time you gradually learn what you need to know to do it yourself, and then you do it. Maybe 10% of our interns use their experience here in that way, and are farming for a living. We’re glad that happens sometimes. But the vast majority go on to other things, maybe related to agriculture in some way and maybe not.”

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