Big Questions for Organic Food and Farming

What Is Organic? USDA Trying to Define It (Aol News)
by Dave Their
EXCERPT: If you’ve ever wondered exactly what that “USDA organic” seal actually means, you’re in good company. The U.S. Department of Agriculture itself has been asking the same question ever since it established the National Organic Program in 2002.

State of the Organic Union (The Atlantic)
by Maria Rodale
EXCERPT: 1) Americans are very confused about what organic is and is not and why organic matters. 2) The organic industry must focus on clearing up that confusion and communicating why organic food is so important and the safest food you can buy. 3) If we are going to save the world, we are going to have to unite and work together instead of fighting amongst ourselves.

NOP Releases Draft Guidance Documents for Comment (NSAC)
EXCERPT: USDA’s National Organic Program (NOP) has released five draft guidance documents for public comment, according to the notice published today in the Federal Register.  Comments are due by December 13, 2010, and can be submitted here. Guidance documents provide interpretations of NOP statutory and regulatory requirements in order to assist those who own, manage, or certify organic operations in complying with the regulations.  Finalized guidance documents will be included in the NOP Program Handbook.

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