Articles on Proposed Tyson-Hillshire Merger

Groups ask for more review of Tyson-Hillshire merger – To view the full story at its original source, follow this link:,0,485411.story 

Chicago Tribune – Ellen Jean Hirst – July 24, 2014

A coalition of farmers, ranchers and consumers have urged the Justice Department to take more time to consider the complicated merger of Tyson Foods Inc. and Hillshire Brands Co.

The Justice Department, which is reviewing the deal this week, usually spends 14 days considering cases like these. The group of 82 farm, ranch, consumer and faith-based organizations said in a letter today they want the department to extend its review to 30 days.

“Tyson’s takeover of Hillshire certainly warrants further investigation by the Department of Justice and should be stopped,” President of the National Farmers Union Roger Johnson said in a statement. “It’s time for the Justice Department to enforce our anti-trust laws.

Alliance drafts letter to block Tyson deal monopoly, group says – To view the full story at its original source, follow this link:

Arkansas Democrat-Gazette – Chris Bahn – July 25, 2014

A coalition of more than 80 trade organizations and faith-based groups are lobbying the U.S. Department of Justice to block the pending Tyson Foods Inc. acquisition of Hillshire Brands.

Opponents of the merger, in a letter sent Thursday, expressed concern that if the deal goes through, it would “substantially lessen competition or tend to create a monopoly” as outlined by the Clayton Antitrust Act. Having one company control so much of the meat and poultry markets would negatively affect consumers and farmers.

Among the issues addressed in the three-page letter signed by groups including Farm Aid and the Missouri’s Best Beef Cooperative, are the impact that the merger would have on customer choices and pricing, the increased buying power for Tyson when negotiating with farmers and the undermining of rival slaughterhouses.

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