ATTRA Needs Alternative Funding to Continue

The National Sustainable Agriculture Information Service (ATTRA) Needs Alternative Funding Sources to Continue Providing it’s Invaluable Information Services.

ATTRA is one of the best established, most useful, and comprehensive sites for information about sustainable and local agriculture, beginning farmers, alternative farming practices, funding opportunities, and other issues for sustainable small and mid-sized farms.

If you’ve never looked at the site, it has an incredible wealth of information, so please check it out at:

But now its very existence is being challenged. And ATTRA needs alternative funding sources to continue providing the weekly sustainable agriculture news and resources gleaned from the Internet by NCAT staff for the website.

The sustainable agriculture information service was cut from the federal budget as part of deficit reduction efforts. And this project cannot be maintained unless they can find a way to raise operating funds. You can help as we explore our options. First, make your tax-deductible donation today. You can access our online donation form at For more information, visit NCAT’s website to read the most current postings about our efforts to keep this service open.

The Weekly Harvest Newsletter is also available online at

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