Beginner Farming Program and Internship in Michigan

Bertrand Farm located in Niles, Michigan offers a beginner farming program with an internship work component for 2014. The mission at Bertrand Farm is to connect people to their food and to promote health and sustainability in food production.  Bertrand Farm, Inc. is a not for profit educational farm. They partner with other local mentor farms to provide a beginner farming program that includes multiple farming styles, all small and local. They believe the future of a healthy and adequate food supply will depend on these farms. Their  program, “Looking to the Future: Small Farming for Food Security” will  present  the ins and outs of running small organic food production farms and will expand  awareness of issues that surround our industrial food production and the challenges for the future of food security in our communities. They encourage students interested in agriculture to apply and also welcome those who are pursuing other paths that involve food nutrition.  Working at area mentor farms interns will gain hands-on experience and knowledge in a variety of practical farming and gardening skills.

Full-time interns work 40 + hours each week for minimum of 12 weeks. Work hours include 10 hours in educational components including: reading, video viewing and off site farm tours.

They encourage students to apply for intern grants from their Universities and outside organizations.  Some housing opportunities are available. They offer a small stipend for full-time interns and lots of fresh produce.  School credit should be pursued by the intern through their college or university. We make every effort to be helpful in the process.


  • Daily fieldwork will include animal maintenance chores and farming practices
  • Using farm equipment including hand tools, sprayers, tillers and driving farm tractor
  • Keeping detailed records on all farm activities
  • Participation in weekly educational components including: presentations, workshops, farm tours, and movies
  • To read  You Can Farm, by Joel Salatin, selected articles and suggested web pages on sustainable agriculture topics;  view you-tube videos on organic farming, as assigned
  • Interns seeking university credit will be required to complete a farm project.

REPORTS TO: Therese Zimmerman-Niemier Bertrand Farm Inc, Director

Please download and complete THIS APPLICATION and email to Bertrand Farm. They will be in touch with you regarding a telephone interview, but please feel free to follow up with an email or phone call (269-695-3306).

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