Beginning and Sustainable Farmers Resource to Learn and Connect

Here’s a really cool new online resource for beginning and sustainable farmers to learn about new innovations, find technical information, and connect with one another.

Stone Barns Center has recently announced the launch of The Virtual Grange (  The Virtual Grange is the first of its kind—a comprehensive online site where beginning, sustainability-minded farmers can find technical tutorials, learn about innovations in sustainable farming and connect with mentors and peers.

The site’s official launch will take place during Stone Barns Center’s 5th annual Young Farmers Conference (December 12-14, 2012).  The conference brings together over 250 young farmers from across the United States to learn from agricultural luminaries, peers, and advocacy organizations. This year the conference will offer more than 50 unique workshops that address soil science, technical skills, agricultural policy, farm business management, marketing, and more. Adam Davidson, co-founder and co-host of Planet Money, a co-production of NPR and This American Life, and a New York Times columnist, will deliver the keynote address.

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